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The Captain Goes Casting For Pods

Last year I decided that 2015 would be the year that I get in to podcasts.  I’ve listened to one in the past, We’re Alive, and I enjoyed it immensely.  But We’re Alive is an audio drama with a high level of production value, not really like most traditional podcasts.  I’m more interested in the two guys sitting around talking type of podcast.  Conversations not stories.

The first one I’m trying is My So Called Podcast.




I’ll be digesting these twenty episodes over the next week or two and let you know what I think.  Stay tuned.





The Captain

The Captain Loves Cabin Fever

This past Saturday was about as good as it gets for St. Louis in January.  The weather was sunny and 60° and I scored two free tickets to Cabin Fever Beer Festival at Schlafly Bottleworks!


Cabin Fever Tickets



Big thanks to Beer_Dork for the free tickets!  For those unfamiliar, Cabin Fever is basically one big tent full of beer in the parking lot of Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood.


Cabin Fever 1


18 different beers taps are available for sampling in two ounce pours; lots of reliable standbys like Pale Ale and Hefeweizen and all sorts of interesting specialty beers with remarkably high ABV levels.  It’s heaven for a beer lover like me, and the weather made it feel extra heavenly.  Dan Krause took my other ticket for the event, and we were surrounded by some of my favorite beer lovers from across the city. The Waiting Room Beer League folks made a strong showing


Beer League


Along with their designated driver for the day, IAmTylerHarris, pictured here with a sweet-ass portrait he commissioned of himself.


Tyler on Tyler


I ran into renowned beer aficionado Richard whom I know from Twitter but had never actually met in person until Saturday


Beer Twitter


And I ran into a gang of beer lovers I know from North County.  Here’s a picture I nabbed from the Riverfront Times Street Team of some of the NoCo crew including Todd Blalock,  Dan Krause and Christy Oberlin


Cabin Fever


Couldn’t ask for a better Saturday in January!  Thanks again to Beer_Dork for the tickets!



The Captain

The Captain Day Makes The News

News, news, and more news!  So much news around me over the past dozen days, and now it has come right outside my door.  Today’s protests in Clayton made world news.  My office building was shown around the country today.  Here’s a picture I took of the NBC Nightly News that was shot right in front of where I work.


NBC Nightly News


It’s crazy to come home from the office and see where I just left on television being broadcast around the country.  Although based on what I saw in Clayton today, I guess it’s not that surprising.  A large group of protestors came to the St. Louis County Justice Center to make their voices heard.  And today they did it first with sidewalk chalk.


Sidewalk Chalk


After the sidewalk art the protestors took to marching down the street in a circle for a good thirty minutes.  Eventually the marching was broken up by a determined woman with a bad sense of judgment.  I middle aged woman holding high a sign supporting Officer Darren Wilson emerged from behind the entry barriers and headed straight for the marching crowd.  In less than a minute it looked like the whole situation might explode.


Protester 1


And it may have blown up if not for a fast acting response from Clayton Police.  Around 10 Officers surrounded the woman before she could confront the crowd and quickly escorted her from the area.  Here she is yelling at the crowd as she is being dragged away.


Protester 2


The media attention feels like it has really reached its peak today.  After so much news over the past dozen days, I get the feeling that a de-escalation is coming soon.  The weather will definitely play a big part in that.  I watched a massive storm cloud pass over my home tonite on its way to north county.  It looked about an ominous as I’ve seen a cloud look in years.


Storm Clouds 1

Storm Clouds 2


And the rain behind it was furious.  No one marches in a downpour.




The Captain

The Captain Meets His Niece And Nephew

I met my niece and nephew for the first time today and it was so exciting!  I took the day off work to visit my sister in the hospital.  I brought along a cookie bouquet to make the day as special as possible.


Cookie bouquet


Harlan and Christina were both born premature, but were still big enough that they didn’t have to go to the ICU.  So I was actually able to see them and touch their tiny little hands.  And of course I had to pose with each of them for babies’ first selfie!


Baby selfie 1 Baby selfie 2


It was amazing to see them up close, and I can’t wait till I can hold them in my arms.  But that will have to wait, as they won’t be able to come home for a couple of weeks.  So until then please join me in wishing Harlan and Christina into the family.



The Captain

The Captain Makes A Better Godzilla

The review of the new Godzilla movie:

Needed a whole lot less of this




And a whole lot more of this


godzilla ending



The Captain

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