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The Captain Can Go For That

Another week and another great mash-up.  Mixing the vocals to Metallica’s Enter Sandman over Hall and Oates’ I Can’t Go For That is surprisingly smooth.





The Captain

The Captains Two Discs For 2014

In years past I’ve taken my time discussing my favorite songs of the year, highlighted in my annual Modern Rock playlists. This year I’m just not up to the task. 2014 was an acceptable year for rock music, but it was nothing to rave about. In fact, there were so few new rock songs I loved in 2014 that I only made one disc worth of tunes. Instead of struggling to find an additional 20+ more songs I liked out of a mediocre year, I instead made a playlist of my favorite cover songs from the past few years. The resulting two discs of music are highly listenable in my opinion, and make for the first #2ForTuesday of 2015. Here’s your Modern Rock for 2014!

2014 1 final

2014 2 final

Those of you lucky enough to receive a copy, let me know what you think!



The Captain

The Captain Is Going A Bit Goofy

What the hell is up with popular music this year?  Normally by the half-way point of the year I have at least an hour of quality new music.  This year I barely have half an hour.  Granted, there is hope on the way in the form of Jack White’s new record that was released today.  So until I have a chance to digest Lazaretto, let’s look at some of the other goofy music that I’ve been listening to instead of my usual modern rock on #2ForTuesday

First up is NRG by Duck Sauce



Next up is Tangerine Girl by Asher Roth




The Captain

The Captain Let’s The Day Begin And The Writing End

I’m about to be busier than I can really comprehend. My sister’s wedding is now a week away and I have a billion things to do first. Plus the Breaking Bad finale is Sunday nite and the NLDS starts next week as well, and I really like the Cardinals chances to win the World Series this year. So I going to be signing off for a while till I get caught back up, but before I go I wanted to post a couple of pictures from the show I went to tonite. Despite my busy schedule my college roommate Eric talked me into going to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at The Pageant. And I’m glad he did!
As you may recall, last time BRMC came to the Pageant in 2010 Eric and I single-handedly made the band play our favorite song. This time we were not so lucky, but we did actually get the band to acknowledge us. We yelled “Play Rifles!” during a lull in the set, and the lead singer actually responded with ” Sorry, but good effort.” Ha! It was a fun night and a great show. And thanks to Dan and Cece for buying me a shot.



BRMC Group


And with that, I will see you again sometime in the near future. Hopefully before the end of the year…

The Captain

The Captain Has No Joy

This week on #2ForTuesday is a couple of sure fire hits.  First up is Wings by Haerts.

And here’s Hare Tarot Lies by No Joy.



No joy? Quite the opposite, amirite?




The Captain

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