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The Captains Double Dose Of Twins

My niece and nephew are getting bigger and cuter by the day!  My sister recently took the kiddos in for their 7 month old photos to the preferred portrait studio of my family, JC Penny!  The results were adorable.  Here’s Harlan smiling up a storm.


Harlan 3-15


What a handsome dude!  He’s got his daddy’s eyes and the same little piggy nose that my sister did at that age.  And check out this little Princess.


Cece 3-15


Cece has the opposite features of Harlan, with her father’s nose and my sister’s droopy eyes.  Man do I love these little stinkers!  And despite the taunting of my sister’s looks, I think she did a hell of a job with these two.

But there’s more!  It’s a #2ForTuesday double twins post!


That’s a short little video I took while visiting my niece and nephew on Sunday.  As you can see in the video, I am quite taken with this charming little pair.  I got to take turns giving them bottles and holding them for a couple of blissful hours.  Being an uncle is the best!



The Captain

The Captains Two Discs For 2014

In years past I’ve taken my time discussing my favorite songs of the year, highlighted in my annual Modern Rock playlists. This year I’m just not up to the task. 2014 was an acceptable year for rock music, but it was nothing to rave about. In fact, there were so few new rock songs I loved in 2014 that I only made one disc worth of tunes. Instead of struggling to find an additional 20+ more songs I liked out of a mediocre year, I instead made a playlist of my favorite cover songs from the past few years. The resulting two discs of music are highly listenable in my opinion, and make for the first #2ForTuesday of 2015. Here’s your Modern Rock for 2014!

2014 1 final

2014 2 final

Those of you lucky enough to receive a copy, let me know what you think!



The Captain

The Captain Becomes An Uncle

It’s time for me to brush up on my wet willies and purple nurples, because I’m officially an Uncle to twins!


double trouble


My sister gave birth today at 10am this morning to two tiny little babies.  Harlan came first at 3.3 pounds and was followed a minute later by Christina at 3.7 pounds.  It’s #2ForTuesday for real!  As you might guess, they were born several weeks ahead of time and will need to spend a few weeks in the hospital before they can come home.  I’m taking off work tomorrow to go meet the pair; I can’t wait to see them in person so I can decide which one is the evil twin.


evil twin


I’ll have plenty more about the twins tomorrow when I visit them for the first time in the hospital.  But for today please join me on wishing Harlan and Christina a happy day of birth!




The Captain

The Captain Is Going A Bit Goofy

What the hell is up with popular music this year?  Normally by the half-way point of the year I have at least an hour of quality new music.  This year I barely have half an hour.  Granted, there is hope on the way in the form of Jack White’s new record that was released today.  So until I have a chance to digest Lazaretto, let’s look at some of the other goofy music that I’ve been listening to instead of my usual modern rock on #2ForTuesday

First up is NRG by Duck Sauce



Next up is Tangerine Girl by Asher Roth




The Captain

The Captains Detours Through Ladue

Whenever I stay late at my job I have to contend with more traffic.  My usual route home from work is usually backed up by this point, so I’ve found a few creative detours to avoid the increased traffic.  Sometime the quickest detour is to cut through Ladue, the ritziest neighborhood in St. Louis County.  Yesterday I cut through Ladue on my way home, and took a couple of photos while stopped at traffic lights that really sum up the Ladue lifestyle.  It makes for a fun game of Either/Or on #2ForTuesday

First up is what I call the old Ladue Traffic Jam.

Ladue Traffic


This is me stuck at a green traffic light behind a Volvo.  The driver of this Volvo decided to put down the automatic roof on his car at a red light, but the process took so long that it bled into the green light.  I sat behind him for a solid minute waiting for the top to come down.  Assholes like this are a specialty in Ladue.

Next up is what I call the Slums of Ladue

Ladue Slums


This is a picture of a new neighborhood being built on Ladue Road, right by I-270.  Some local builder is throwing up a cul-de-sac full of McMansions near the highway, and the starting price is only $700K.  Get serious.  I mean, what self-respecting millionaire would embarrass themselves with a cheapy mansion near the highway for under a milli?  Slumdog millionaires indeed.

So my question is which picture is more “Ladue” – the traffic jam or the slums?




The Captain

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