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The Captains Drinking For Two

It’s a big news day for a #2ForTuesday centered on my family.  First is a very exciting bit of news from my sister.  As I mentioned already, she is pregnant with twins.  And now comes the news that it’s a boy and a girl!




The Luke and Leia special!  Congrats to Cathie for nailing it on the first try.  Good job sis!

Next up I want to wish a happy 21st birthday to my kid brother Paul.  Even as I type that it doesn’t seem right, but May 6th 1993 was definitely 21 years ago.  Tuesday nite is pretty much the worst bar nite, so the family is getting together on Saturday at Dave & Busters to celebrate.  I’m looking forward to liquoring him up something fierce that nite, and I’m stoked he can finally come out to the bars with me.

Cheers x 2 to Paul and Cathie!



The Captain

The Captains Tuesday Nite Heckling Club

It’s the second day of baseball week and it’s the second home game of the Cardinals 2014 season.  It’s a #2ForTuesday waiting to happen!  Here’s two pictures from my first Cardinal game of the year.

 Heckling Opener


 Right field heckle crew


As you can see, it was pretty grand.  I managed to score some cheap seats to the game, and called in the crew to get rowdy.  Captain Mike has some free time now that he’s in town, Ludlow took off after school, DJ and Reed took the Metrolink from up north, and Officer Tim found a good parking space.  6 unruly guys and a whole lot of baseball.  This will be the 5th season of the Heckling Club, and the first meeting of 2014 was a rousing success.

The top picture is at a bar in the new Ballpark Village attraction.  We got to stadium early to check out the new digs, and I have to say it is pretty impressive.  It’s bigger than I would have thought.

The bottom picture is the gang, minus Officer Tim, in the right field stands.  We found plenty of empty seats near the right fielder and dug in to start slinging trash.  We heckled Reds right fielder Jay Bruce mercilessly all night.  No profanity, but often times much worse.  My favorite was JAY BRUCE DROPPED A DUECE but there were lots of other good ones.  It was basically three hours of


After about an hour we could tell that our chants were starting to get to him.  He looked back several times right at us.  Then in the bottom of the 6th our tireless taunts paid off big time.  With the Cardinals down by a run, Jay Bruce misplayed a line drive that resulted in 2 runs being scored.  Our section went into a frenzy.  The game was lost for the Reds on that play, and we were all convinced it was because our heckling distracted Bruce into making an error.  Obviously.

It was a wild nite and a great way to start the season.  Look for many more Heckling Club stories in the near future.  It’s gonna be a fun season!


The Captain

The Captain Has No Joy

This week on #2ForTuesday is a couple of sure fire hits.  First up is Wings by Haerts.

And here’s Hare Tarot Lies by No Joy.



No joy? Quite the opposite, amirite?




The Captain

The Captains Dedication Goes Out To Afghanistan

This week #2ForTuesday is once again dedicated to Captain Mike.  I got an email from him in Afghanistan over the weekend.  He said he’s up in the mountains and jamming out to Tricky’s wonderful new album.  How awesome is that?!?

So here’s the first single, Does It, just for Captain Mike



Next up is a song I’ve been listening to a lot lately that makes me think of Captain Mike.  It’s the first single from Beck’s new album:  I Won’t Be Long



Here’s hoping that Captain Mike won’t be long either.  Missing you buddy.



The Captain

The Captains Surprise Singles

Out of nowhere Arcade Fire dropped a new single yesterday.  First up on a surprise edition of #2ForTuesday is Reflektor



Even bigger was the surprise a few months back of the first Pixies track in 20+ years.  Here’s Bagboy.



With bands as amazing as these two, no noticed required!




The Captain

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