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The Captain Always Has A Place To Stay

Captain Mike Week is going back 10 years to the Summer of 2003 for #WaybackWednesday

Here’s Captain Raoul and Captain Mike from June 13, 2003.


Captains in Kansas


This picture was taken at Captain Mike’s house in Kansas City one of the many times I crashed in his guest room.  He was a good friend to have back in 2003.  I spent countless weeks at a time in Kansas traveling for my job, and Mike was always my place to crash.  I would call him on like a Wednesday Afternoon and say “Hey, can I crash at your place until Friday?”  He never once turned me down, and I stayed with him at least once a month that whole year.

Captain Mike taught me a lot of things about friendship, chief of which is offering a place to stay no matter what the occasion.  And as it turned out, Captain Mike was a generous host back when he lived by himself in Kansas City.  Drinks till the early morning and stories of debauchery that are typical of 2 men in their mid-twenties.  He’s was a real break out the good liquor for guests kinda guy, and he still is to this day.

In the 10 years since this picture was taken I’ve been lucky enough to see him at least once a year.  After all the moving both of us have done over the years, it’s been a lot of fun living together here in the Greater St. Louis Area.  Last year we were hanging out at least once a month, kind of like we did 10 years ago, and it was awesome.  As with a friend who is frequently on the move, I’ve learned to take advantage when he does have some time to socialize.

So let’s all take this opportunity to say thanks to Captain Mike for being such a stand-up guy for so many years.  Three cheers for Captain Mike!




The Captain

The Captain Needs Some Suggestions To Send

Sunday nite I decided to declare this Captain Mike week, but the seeds of the idea were planted that morning.  I spent several hours gathering files on a flash disc to bring over to Captain Mike’s house.  I loaded up on lots of new music and films to pass along to Mikey for his long absence.  Nothing passes the time like a new song or film.  I ended up with 13 videos and 23 songs that will hopefully kill a few hours for Mike.

I would’ve included more, but that’s all I could think of at the time.  I started thinking about this later that evening, and I thought it would be a good topic for a #2For Tuesday generated through suggestions.  Let’s all recommend a film and a song for Captain Mike to bring with him to Afghanistan.  Here were my suggestions to get things started.


 Files for Mikey 1 Files for Mikey 2


The theme for both was “New” but they took on a different meaning for each one.  With the videos I was going for newish movies that I was pretty sure he hadn’t seen.  For the tunes, I grabbed the most recent songs that I’ve downloaded for 2013.  The whole point being that these are something Captain Mike doesn’t have yet.  He’s already bringing everything he can think of, so I was trying to suggest things he wouldn’t know about yet.  So how about some new suggestions for Captain Mike: a video or a song he should check out while he has time.  All submissions welcome!



The Captain

The Captain Declares This Captain Mike Week

First, the good news – Captain Mike is back home all week!  Woo hoo!  Sounds like a good time to break out the tequila!


shot 2


I was lucky enough to spend Sunday nite on a very busy weekend with Captain Mike.  Cocco came in from Indy and we had ourselves a little going away party.  Lucky for us Mikey had some cigars and margaritas to help us celebrate.


 Mar & Gar


All the celebration put me in a great mood and frame of mind.  Which helps to soften when bad news is just around the corner.  Mike is leaving in very soon for Afghanistan for a 7 month tour of duty.  But I’m trying to fill my head with positive thoughts about Mike instead of nervous thoughts.  So in that vein I’ve decided to declare this officially Captain Mike Week!

 fun park


I’ve got some great ideas for ways for his friends and family to help us send off Mike.  In fact, I have one that I’m going to need some help with from you.  I want everyone to find an old picture with you and Mike together and post it somewhere this week for #WaybackWednesday

I have a great picture ready to go, and I bet lots of people reading this have one too.  Maybe and old picture he hasn’t seen yet, or maybe a picture with a fond memory.  Let’s share our pictures somewhere on social media now while Mike has access to WIFI.  He’s got a little bit of time to appreciate civilization before heading out to the wilderness, so let’s help him enjoy what time he has at home.  I’ve got another great idea for sharing that I’ll discuss tomorrow, but for now let’s just focus on getting the party started.  Mike’s lovely wife Irene will help us to begin.


shot 1

1-2-3-Cheers to Captain Mike!



The Captain

The Captains Great Idea For Next Season

Tonite was the last episode of The Mindy Project and my hopes were high for more scenes with my buddy @MortBurke

The result was a mixed bag on #2ForTuesday as Parker the Intern made the background in separate scenes.

parker & betsy


parker & betsy 2


But had zero lines in the episode.  However, I think it may be the start of something bigger.  I noticed that in both scenes Parker seems to be flirting with Betsy, as played by fellow LA Comic @zoeannejarman

I think Parker and Betsy should date next season!  This could totally work!

Granted, that ruins the whole premise of my Mort & Mindy sitcom.  But I’m starting to doubt that project will ever gain traction.  So starting next season let’s start a #ParkerandBetsy campaign.  Who is with me!?


The Captain


The Captains Opening Day 2013

My favorite St. Louis only holiday is finally here; it’s Opening Day at Busch Stadium!


Opening Stan


I’ve been watching the weather reports like crazy over the past few days, as I was determined not to have a repeat of last year’s Opening Day.  I love the Cardinals, but I’m not standing outside in a brutal thunderstorm for hours to celebrate.  Luckily, the weather was gorgeous for the Cardinals Home Opener.  And so were the ladies I was tailgating with all day!


Opening Day 2013 2


My sister set up a tent in a parking lot down the street from Busch Stadium, and her rowdy friends were on hand to join in the party.



 cards opener 2013

Opening Day 2013 3

Opening Day 2013 4




No wheelbarrows on traffic cones were safe from our celebration!  After several hours of tailgating, the gang eventually made our way down to Paddy O’s to watch the Cardinals lose in spectacular fashion.  The bullpen giving up nine runs in the ninth inning was pretty terrible.


Opening Day 2013 6


But even that terrible ending wasn’t enough to dampen our spirits.  Win or lose, Opening Day is still worth celebrating.  2013 looks to be another fun year for all my Cardinals fans.  12 in 13!



Opening Day 2013 5



The Captain

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