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The Captains 5 For The Rams 15

15 years ago today the St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl. I watched the game on the giant screen at the brand new Missouri State Student Union with @JeffSackman and @WilliamPepple and about 100 other students. It was amazing.


Kevin Dyson #87


15 years later and the Rams have sunk about as low as possible. It’s been 11 seasons since the team had a winning record. The current owner seems determined to alienate the fan base so he can move the team to Los Angeles. Things look pretty bleak for football in St. Louis. But I refuse to get down on this team. So here’s a quick pick me up to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the St. Louis winning the Super Bowl.


Top 5 Current Good Things About The St. Louis Rams


1. Last season was a lot of fun to watch

As I mentioned in a previous post, 2014 Rams were exciting to watch despite their losing record


2. The new stadium proposal looks pretty sweet

A riverfront, open-air stadium would be awesome!


Stadium Proposal


And it would do wonders for that section of downtown. The proposed site is currently a bunch of burnt down and abandon warehouses, and also where I tailgate before home games. I would happily trade the tailgate parking lot for a stadium parking lot!


3. The rest of the nation is finally mad at the New England Patriots for cheating

Watching the Rams lose to the 2001 Patriots was depressing. Finding out later that the Patriots cheated to win was infuriating. Watching most of the rest of the nation shrug off Spygate was baffling. Being two days away from the Patriots legacy being forever tarnished is thrilling!




It almost makes up for getting cheated out of the Super Bowl win. Almost…


4. Everyone now knows Stan Kroenke is shady

The fans have known that Stan was shady for awhile, but now it is common knowledge.


Stan Diary


If St. Louis wants to stop him from stealing their team then it’s time to put up a fight!


5. St. Louis Rams gear is super cheap now!

Today I purchased a Kurt Warner Rams jersey at Marshalls on clearance for $15.


Warner Jersey






I’ve wanted a Warner jersey for years, but didn’t want to plunk down big bucks to buy one. When most folks abandon the team, it just leaves more to spread around for the real fans! $15 on the 15th anniversary is a fitting tribute in my book!





The Captain

The Captains Remembers A Hip Guy

I’ve been thinking a lot about my buddy Josh this week.  A guy my age passing so suddenly has really shaken up a lot of folks I know.  There has also been a tremendous outpouring of support from his friends and family that has been wonderful to witness.  He was known as a guy who connected with a lot of people and it has really shown throughout the week.  Everyone has been describing him as a very bright and caring guy, and rightly so.  Josh always had a smile on his face and a nice thing to say.  So instead of saying how nice he was, I thought I’d highlight his hipness instead for Friday 5.


Top 5 Hip Things About Josh


1.  The Video Camera

Josh was the first teenager I met that had a video camera.  That may seem strange now, since every teenager I currently know has a video camera in their pocket that is used almost every day.  But back in the mid-90s a teenager with a video camera was a pretty novel idea.  Here’s a picture of Josh back at Summer Camp take a video during the group picture.


1994 camera


There he is in the back row with his video camera.1  He is so far ahead of his time I can hardly believe it.  That’s maximum lever hipster, into something WAY before everyone else.  Back then a video camera way out of an average teenager’s price range, so I was super jealous of him back in 1994.  Now it is two decades later and I’m feeling even more in awe of his coolness.

I’ve always wondered what ever happened to the countless hours of video that Josh shot over the years.  Now more than ever it would be a good time to digitize those old video tapes.  If someone started a Kickstarter to pay for digitizing Josh’s tape library then I would totally donate to that worthy cause.


2.  The Beard

The ability to grow a beard in high school is always hip when it’s done right; Josh had a beard 20 years ago!




3. Missouri game not in Missouri

Josh discovered my favorite way to travel, one where I get to cheer on Missouri in another state.  Planning a trip around a sports team’s schedule can be a pain in the ass, but it is tremendously fun when it happens right.  Just this year I saw his pictures at the Cotton Bowl and I was super jealous that he was in Dallas to cheer on Missouri to victory.




Those are the memories that last, and Josh had plenty of them.  When it came to having a good time, Josh was a real expert in my book.


4.  Don’t dream it.  Be it.

Josh was a big fan of professional wrestling like many kids were in the early nineties.  But Josh figured out the only thing more fun than watching wrestling was participating.  He branded himself the Ozark Mountain Daredevil and hit the local amateur wrestling scene hard.




Although I never actually saw Josh enter the squared circle, just knowing that he was wild enough to scrap earned him major hip points back in college.  Tough enough indeed.


5.  Bringing the Thunder

I mentioned on Monday that Josh was a True Fan.  But the hip thing about his fandom was that he would respond to a compelling story from any team.  Earlier this month I noticed that he was enthusiastically cheering for the Oklahoma Thunder in the NBA Playoffs.


thunder OKC


After reading his posts I became convinced that OKC was the team to cheer this year.  So I started cheering on the Thunder last week as they played against the Los Angeles Clippers.  Josh’s team v. the Old Racist Asshole’s team was a no brainer in my book.  And last nite the Thunder beat the Clippers in a deciding Game 6 to head to the next round of the Playoffs.  So in honor of Josh, let’s all Thunder Up!


 Thunder Up




The Captain



1.  I’m the goofy looking kid with his hair braided in the sunglasses, one row in front of Josh and all the way to the right.  The mid 90s were a hell of a good time.

The Captains Wraps Up His Break For Really-Real This Time

The end is near!  Today is the final look back at my break, once again in a convent #Friday5 post.

Top 5 Highlights From The Rest Of My Break

1.  Modern Rock 13

I missed discussing the 13th edition of my yearly best of discs!  Here are the track listings in case you were curious.

2013 1


2013 2


It was a good year for music and a great year for Modern Rock.  Every year my distribution list gets longer, and this year it was a downright beast.  Between ordering the tracks, burning the discs, printing and cutting the inserts




And stuffing the mailers




I spent probably a good week on sending out my pics this year.  No complaints thought, it is truly a labor of love.


2.  Club Senn Ugly Sweater Edition

My buddy over at Tales From The Fjord throws an X-mas party every year, but 2013 was something special.  The theme was ugly sweaters, and it did not disappoint.

 Club Senn 1


Club Senn 2


Club Senn 3


With Senn providing the logistics and Ford providing the crazy guests, it was definitely one to remember.  Well done fellas.


3.  Meg dominated the Oscar pool this year

Every year Meg and I have a friendly competition with my buddy Grellner on our Oscar pics.  Grellner has traditionally dominated this event in the past, but not this year.  Meg correctly picked 22 of the 24 categories, good for a 92% success rate.  That kind of supremacy is impressive.

Oscar pics 2014


Granted, she had some help from me this year since I managed to find a copy of every nominated films online.  But still, one hell of a performance.  Well done Meg!

4.  I picked up trash

I’ve been really enjoying Creve Coeur Park for the past four years, so much so that I’ve been wanting to give back to the place that I love.  I found a great opportunity to help clean the park by volunteering at the Confluence Trash Bash.  Meg, me and a coworker spent a couple of hours on a Saturday morning removing trash from the shoreline of the lake by our house.  What I thought would be a fun way to give back was actually a pretty grueling job.  Between the three of us we filled 3 trash bags full of mostly glass and plastic bottles.  We even found an abandoned trashcan!  It was a lot of work, but it was the best kind of work.  We plan on making this an annual event in our house.


trash bash


5.  My baby brother turned 18

And finally, my youngest brother became a man.  It’s hard to believe that my kid brother is 18 now.  I was 17½ when he was born, so he is now older than I was on that day back in 1996.  And if that isn’t making me feel old already, my brother Paul turns 21 in a little over a month.  Damn these kids grow up fast.


Charlie 18






The Captain

The Captains Kauai Week – Day Five

It’s the fifth and final day of Kauai week!  Here’s the rest of the fun stuff from the trip in another well timed Friday 5

Top 5 Bonus Bits From The Kauai Trip

1.  I spent a nite in LA on the way to Kauai

Getting to Kauai is always a bit of an ordeal; it’s in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!  We’ve found that planning fun little layovers really helps break up the long days of traveling.  On the way to Kauai we spent the night in Los Angeles at a nice hotel near LAX.  I had not been in LA in over ten years, so it was awesome to see a bit of the town again.  Also interesting was some of the responses I got while in town.  Apparently all the Dodgers fans were still pissed off about losing in the Playoffs in the previous month.  Let’s just say my Cardinals gear did not go too well with the locals.  Ha!




2.  On the way back I spent a morning in Seattle

We had a fun West Coast bookend both ways!  We booked a midnite flight out of Kauai so we could sleep the majority of the way across the big ocean.  I was asleep sound asleep until we touched down on a rainy Friday morning in Seattle.  A planned five hour layover gave us a couple of hours to run around town.  Seattle has wonderful light rail system that starts at airport and ends downtown.  I had never been to Seattle, so it was a great way to quickly see the sights.  Although I definitely wasn’t ready for the weather transition from warm and sunny to cold and windy!  But it was still awesome to be a tourist for a couple of hours.  We went to Pikes Place Market, of course


 Pikes Place


And Meg got to visit the very first Starbucks!


 1st starbucks


It was a great little bonus before heading home.

3.  The weather on Kauai was challenging

The first two trips we took to Kauai back in 2005 were mostly sunny and warm.  That was some incredible luck, as Kauai is one of the rainiest places on earth.  This time around we weren’t quite as lucky.  We had at least three afternoons cut short by rain.  It was much rainier than either trip from 2005.  But more rain means more rainbows!


 Captain Rainbow


Even with the rain we managed to work around it.  For example

4. We hiked to a waterfall on top of mountain

Our second full day on the island was a Saturday and the forecast called for rain most of the day.  However, the local weatherman said there would be a brief window of dryness in the morning.  We were originally planning a 6 hours hike up Waimea Canyon but had to change plans based on the weather.  We found a shorter 3 hour hike around the same area and started out much earlier than planned.  Our revised plan worked out well and we were rewarded with some astonishing views.

 Hiking 2


Hiking 4


Hiking 5


Hiking 1

Highlighted by the waterfalls at the end of the trail

Hiking 3


Kauai Waterfall

And we managed to make it off the mountain just in time.  It was pouring by the time we returned to car and the rain continued to fall hard for the rest of the day.  Careful planning and good timing served us well the entire trip, but none more so than on our beautiful hike.

5.  Marriage Equality

During our trip the Hawaiian State Legislature voted to legalize same-sex marriage and the Governor signed the bill.  How awesome is that?!  As a big supporter of Marriage Equality it felt awesome to be present for such a momentous occasion.  Proposing marriage in Kauai back in 2005 was one of the highlights of my life, and I’m thrilled to know that every person now has that right in Hawaii.  And what a positive way to end Kauai Week; thanks for joining me!





The Captain

The Captain’s Bad News Week – Day Five

It’s the fifth and final day of Bad News Week!  Here’s the rest of the bad news from my five month break, now in a convenient Friday 5 post.


Top 5 Other Bits Of Bad News From The Past 5 Months

1.  I have not been taking good care of myself

ice cream


Being sad and super busy has taken a toll on my wellbeing.  Eating poorly and not staying active has left me out of shape and feeling run down all the time.  Feeling stressed and depressed makes it easy to put my health and wellbeing on the back burner.  Feeling fat and lazy is nothing new, but man is it getting old.  Also getting old: (and partly to blame for my inactivity)

2.  This Winter is awful




This winter in St. Louis has been the worst in over a decade.  Low temperatures and high snow fall amounts has really drug the whole city into a grouchy funk.  I’ve been dealing with miserable cold by staying indoors mostly and hibernating.  It’s hard to stay active when going outside is so miserable.  But warmer weather is in the forecast and this weekend is daylight savings time, so hopefully there is more light headed my way soon.

3.  My favorite statue is in peril

It should be apparent from the multiple pictures I’ve posted here that I love the Captain’s Return statue on Laclede’s Landing.  It honors two great men, has a wonderful name, and is a great gauge for rising water levels on the river.

Captains return under water 4

Captains return under water


But according to this recent article, the statue is under water too much and is starting to show signs of damage.  There may be a move in the near future, which is probably for the best.  I would hate for the statue to be destroyed, but I also love its current placement next to the Eads Bridge.  I will of course be following this story as it unfolds, so stay tuned for more updates.


4.  The Jeselnik Offensive was canceled

My favorite new show from 2013 was canceled!  I’m a big fan of Anthony Jeselnik and I adored his television show.  I’m a big fan of boiling jokes down to their purest form and The Jeselnik Offensive did this perfectly.  Such a waste of a great show.  Damn you Comedy Central!


5.  Splitting my life online

The time has finally come for me to split my social media presence into two separate accounts.  My Faceplace and my Schwitter profiles are officially getting divorced.  It’s time for me to be 100% separate IRL from Captain Raoul.  Trying to keep Captain Raoul unidentifiable has been challenging and has had a shitty effect on Captains Quarters.


blog drop


No more. As of today I’m making my double life official.  So for the first time, check out Captain Raoul on Facebook.  No turning back now!



The Captain

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