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The Captain Is Leaving For The Mountains

Today has been the day I’ve tried not to dread but still did anyways.  Today is the day Captain Mike is moving away.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, he is relocating with his family to Colorado Springs.  The truck is loading today and heading west tomorrow.


 Mike Move


I’m so bummed!  I already miss the dude!

Granted, I’ve spent a decent amount of the past month hanging out with Captain Mike, so I’ve had plenty of opportunities to say goodbye.  This past weekend I threw one hell of a going away party on July 4th.  I got the whole SMS college crew together one more time to say goodbye.  So lots of beer and cigars and firecrackers.  And couple of weekends back in June he had a big party for his daughter’s 2nd birthday.  It was a great chance to see all the guys in from out of town

 2nd bday shots


I’ve spent last few weeks trying see Captain Mike as often as possible.  Now that he’s leaving town out I’m trying not to be sad.  I’m glad he’s got a great new opportunity in Colorado, but I’m also selfish.  I still want him to live near me dammit!

This past weekend he mentioned the similarities between this situation and our college days.  Captain Mike left Springfield in May of 2000, a full year before I graduated.  I was super bummed back then, and now it feels eerily the same.  After another four years of living in the same town, he was off again to parts unknown.  Only this time he has an awesome family that’s leaving with him.


Captain Mike Emma


I know I will still see Captain Mike and it’s not like Colorado is too far away from St. Louis.  But now I can’t just swing by on a Saturday to hang out, or take the train over some nite after work.  Those are the times I will probably miss the most, smoking cigars or playing a game.

  Porch shots

 pool shots

Mike is in line for promotion after serving overseas and will soon be awarded the rank of Major.1  So now it can be said that he was a Captain only in his St. Louis days.  So henceforth I will no longer refer to him as Captain Mike, but instead will use the name Major Asshole.  Moving to Colorado right when the state just got a whole lot cooler is such a Major Asshole move.  Well done dude and I’ll see you soon in Colorado.

 Captains Out



The Captain




1.  He was also awarded a bronze star from Army.  That is an incredible achievement  and proves without a doubt that Captain Mike is the real deal.

The Captain Is Bracing For The Departure

Captain Mike has only been back for a couple of months, and he’s already leaving again?  And this time it’s for good, as he’s moving to Colorado in less than a month!  So I’m taking the opportunity to spend as much quality time with him as possible before he leaves.  On Friday I took the train over after work to have a few drinks and throw some darts.  Captain Power was nice enough to join me as well.  It was great, except for @bryanabend showing up and ruining the good times.


 3 Captains & A Hippie


Ha!  Actually @bryanabend gave me a ride home from East County, so the evening worked out great.  Hot damn I’m gonna miss Captain Mike.




The Captain

The Captain Says Congrats To A Retiring Captain

Today I saw on Faceplace that one of my teachers from high school is officially retiring today.  Mr. Kiernan was cool because he looked like a Super Mario Brother, and he was a whiz at breaking up the frequent fights that occurred in the hallway outside his classroom.  Congrats on calling it a career, Captain!


Captain Kiernan



The Captain

The Captains Keep Returning

The other big thing that I missed during the break was Captain Mike.  And I really missed him, as he’s been in Afghanistan for the entire time I was gone.  But he was gone in the actual sense, as in 9 months in a sandy-hell-pit overseas.  Not gone in the too-sad-to-write-my-crappy-blog sense like me.  His absence has been a real bummer, but all of his friends and family and done a great job filling in the gap.  I tried to help out when I could, but it always felt like too little when compared to such a big absence.  I visited his wife Irene and his young daughter a handful of weekends over the break.

Cap & Irene

Cap and Em


And I organized a small toy drive in Captain Mike’s behalf back in February.   Our friends from college all chipped in to help send him a care package full of fun toys to occupy Mikey’s time.  Ludlow chipped in with Frisbee and a hacky sack, Morgan with a football, and Timmy with some fart putty.  I tossed in a flash drive full of pirated movies as well as a few magazines and a dashboard hula girl I picked up in Hawaii.  It was a box full of silliness that I hope put a smile on his face.

And I have to give credit to Captain Mike, as it was his absence that finally got me back to writing.  After the New Year I realized that I hadn’t written a single thing in over three months.  How terrible that a writer like me hadn’t sent one single message to my buddy overseas!  So I sat down and hand wrote Mikey a note to put in the care package that I was sending.  After that I started emailing with him, and eventually it motivated me to start writing here at Captains Quarters.

So now it’s time to celebrate, as Mikey’s 9 month absence comes to an end tomorrow.  The Captain Returns!  That’s right; it’s all Captains on deck starting tomorrow!

Welcome home Mikey


So let’s all light a cigar and rejoice at the return of a hell of a solider and a hell of a man.  Welcome home Captain.


Mikey smokes small



The Captain

The Captains Return – The Sequel

The Captain has returned!  Again!


Captains return is coming


It had been a long five months.  The last time I took an extended hiatus from Captains Quarters was from October 2010-February 2011.  This time around the hiatus also started in October but managed to stretch all the way till March.  What can I say; 2013 was a tough year.  I had a lot of bad news to deal with over the past year, which left me feeling drained and uncreative.  At first I was simply too busy to write, which led to feeling too tired to write, and eventually feeling too far behind to write.  The thought of trying to write about my life seemed too daunting of a task, which made it easy to keep putting off until later.  I kept waiting for some kind of spark to get me back behind the keyboard.  It turns out that what I needed was a fizzle, not a spark.

As I have said before, I hate the month of March.  I have my reasons.   There is nothing else that I want to do in March, so why not get back to writing?  Fill all that nothing with something.  So that’s my plan, to jump back into Captains Quarters.  There are so many things I want to write about from the past several months, some of it good and some of it bad.  I was not sure where to begin, but I decided this past weekend that it would be best to start with the bad news.  So get ready for Bad News Week here at Captains Quarters!  Only the worst for my loyal readers!

But in all seriousness I think that discussing the bad times first will make it easier to move past them and on to all the good stuff in the weeks ahead.  So let the bad times roll!  I’ll see you tomorrow for the first installment of Bad News Week.  Man does it feel bad to be back!



The Captain

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