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The Captains Friends Are Consistent

My man Jamie turns 36 this week and I want to give a shoutout to him for being one of my most consistent friends.  So I went digging around a found a good picture of us from 10 years ago for #WaybackWednesday

Jamie Bird Small


This picture was taken at my house in St. Charles back in May 2005.  Jamie is well known for his dislike of selfies, as is apparent by his charming reaction here.  But as you can clearly see by the date, Jamie’s disdain for selfies actually predates Social Media altogether.  So here’s to Jamie for putting up with selfies since back before MySpace!  He is nothing if not consistent.  Happy birthday dude!



The Captain

The Captain Parties Like It’s 2002

It’s only six days into 2015 and I’m already having a blast. The stars aligned on Saturday nite and some old friends came out to party for the first time in ages. Timmy, Hippie Dave and even Boz drank a couple of beers by the fireplace at Jeff’s house.


2015 3rd


It reminded me of a picture from a dozen years early, the first #WaybackWednesday of 2015. Here I am with celebrating New Year’s in 2002.

NYE 02

We celebrated on Saturday like it twelve years ago! And by that I mean a bunch of rock nerds sat in a semi-circle and talked about lame topics like Tool releasing a new album. It was just like hanging out back in 2002 in Timmy & Boz’s shitty apartment complex in Maryland Heights, except we were around a hot fireplace in Ballwin. So way better, and a hell of a fun start to 2015!



The Captain

The Captain Is Late/Early

I’m just off of a 4-day weekend thanks to Veteran’s Day. And despite all that time off I neglected to thank a Veteran yesterday. So here’s a #WabackWednesday post with my favorite Veteran to say thanks. Here is me and my sister 20 years ago with our father.


Goofy 1994


My Nana took this picture of the three of us back in 1994. Man, I was sure good at smiling back in my teenage years…

And while I’m saying my belated Happy Veteran’s Day, I’ll go ahead and throw in a early Happy Birthday! My old man turns 58 on Saturday, so let me be the first to say “Happy Birthday Pop!”





The Captain


The Captain Is Up For In N Out

Today marks one shopping week till my birthday. Hint Hint.

It also means that today is also the birthday of my buddy Amir. He was born 51 weeks after me, which makes his birthday easy for me to remember. It’s also #WaybackWednesday so here’s a picture of us from seven years ago in August 2007.


Amir Vegas


Here we are enjoying burgers and palm trees at the In-N-Out on the Vegas Strip. We were in town for my bachelor party and we both demanded to eat at the West Coast burger chain on the first day. It was the beginning of a wild trip that I’m not really at liberty to discuss. So instead I’ll say happy birthday to Amir!



The Captain

The Captain Roots Are Still In North County

The unrest in North County over the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson has consumed St. Louis this week, me included.  But it has been an effective distraction from the other gloomy thoughts running through my head.  I didn’t focus on my cousin Chrissy not being around to celebrate her 30th birthday on Tuesday or her son’s first day of Kindergarten on Monday.   Trading tragedy for tragedy I guess.

It started right away Monday morning when I logged onto Faceplace to see pics of my nephew’s first day at Russell School.  Instead of this adorable face


1st Day of K


I was greeted with anger from all around.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot since Monday.  And with all of the negativity around, I want to go back to celebrate some positivity.

This week Johnathan started attending Russell School in the Hazelwood School District.  It was the same grade school his mother attended as a child.  Her brother, Jim, started at the same school 20 years back in the fall of 1994.  And as it happened, I started my first day at Russell School 30 years ago this fall.  Here’s my first grade picture from way back in 1984.


Russell 1984 85


What a good looking kid, just like my nephew!  My family has roots in North County and I’m very glad to see those roots continue to grow.  Let’s all congratulate Johnathan on his first day of Kindergarten.  And let’s all send positive thoughts to North County.




The Captain

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