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The Captain Says Ach Ja and Nicht Nicht – Pre Awards Edition

So it’s less than 24 hours till the Web Awards tomorrow nite, and my excitement is reaching a fever pitch.  I need to take my mind off of tomorrow nite, so why not distract with another edition of Ach Ja and Nicht Nicht.  As always, here’s my man Bruno if you’re not familiar with the reference.

Ach Ja and Nicht Nicht:  Pre-Awards Edition


My kid brother Paul is into this L.A. Band AWOLNATION that is played frequently on 105.7 The Point.  I wasn’t super familiar with the band, but I agreed to go with him to Pops over on the East Side for their show this past Saturday nite.  Not only would this be my first concert with my 18 year old brother, this would be my first time at a bar with him, and his first trip ever to East St. Louis.

I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from the band, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The band had some decent chops and great stage presence.

It was a fun nite, especially since my brother was sober driver for the evening.  He’s graduating from High School soon, so I guess I better start taking him to more shows!


Non-Existent Tickets – Nicht Nicht

I had mixed feelings about the recently announced Jane’s Addiction show at the Pageant next month.  The band is touring on their 2011 album they made after the departure of founding member Eric Avery.  The album is decent, and Jane’s Addiction is still one of my favorite bands, so I decided to pony up $55 so I could watch them from the comfort of The Pageant’s balcony.  I logged onto the tickets website at exactly 5pm on Friday and discovered that the balcony was already sold out.  It’s the first minute tickets are available to the public, and you don’t have any reserved seating?  What kind of shit is that?!?  How can they advertise reserved seating if none of the tickets are available to the general public?  It was the same crap in November when I paid $65 a ticket to sit in the nosebleed seats at Scottrade for Radiohead.  So I’ve decided to skip the Jane’s Addiction show in protest.  Besides, is there any way it could top their NIN|JA show in Tampa in 2009?


Listening Parties – Ach Ja

My big social plan for 2012 is Listening Parties, i.e. once a month I’m convening my friends to discuss music on a selected topic.  It’s a loose concept that requires just a little effort and reaps maximum good times.  We had the first party at my place on the Sunday nite before MLK Day, and it was a smashing success.  In keeping with the New Year feeling January’s theme was favorite recent music, with one caveat.



Captain Mike and Eric both brought a disc worth of newish tunes, and I handed out VIP only copies of Modern Rock B-Sides: 2007-2011.  I’d say it was a great success.  I have a second Listening Party planned for February 11th, with a theme of favorite love songs.  I’m predicting another winner.

CVS – Nicht Nicht

When it comes to pharmacies, I’ve always been a loyal Walgreens customer.  That store has everthing!  So I was a little perturbed when CVS Pharmacies started popping up in St. Louis a couple of years ago.  Now there are a few being constructed near my neighborhood and I’m ready to protest.  I don’t have a problem with CVS giving Walgreens some competition, far from it.  I have a problem with CVS because all of their stores are carpeted.  Why the hell would they put carpeting in a public place where sick people regularly shop?  I checked out the one closest to my office, and sure enough there is carpeting in the vomiting remedies aisle.  That seems like an obviously terrible idea to me.  Walgreens has vinyl tiling in all its store for a reason!  I’m ready to start protesting at the CVS construction site by my house until they agree not to install carpeting.  Who’s with me?!

Black Russians – Ach Ja

Back in college I drank my fair share of White Russians, mostly due to The Big Lebowski.  But eventually I had to give them up because of all the milk and/or cream.  Drinking half a quart of half-n-half with alcohol leads to vomiting, and that can ruin a carpet.  I tried removing the cream and drinking Black Russians, but I never really enjoyed the taste.  Recently I was mulling what to do with the last bit of a bottle of Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka when it occurred to me I should try it in a Black Russian.  Jackpot!



It’s so easy and tasty!  All I did was mix equal parts Whipped Cream Vodka and Kahlua in a shaker with ice and shook until blended.  Then I topped it off with just a dash of Baileys and presto – Black Russian.



It goes perfect in the Kahula coffee mugs I got for X-Mas.  And just like that I have a new favorite drink for 2012.



Sealant On My House – Nicht Nicht

So the sealant around the piping for my HVAC failed, and some water seeped into the drywall in my basement.  That sucks bigtime.  Luckily my house is still under warranty for just a bit longer and the warranty company sent some gentlemen out to fix the problem.  In the meantime there is a giant hole in the wall while the drywall has a chance to dry out, and there are plastic tarps hanging all over the basement.  So my basement look like a Dexter kill room until Wednesday.  Home ownership!


My New Look Office – Ach Ja

Since I know I’ll be in the same office at work for the foreseeable future, I’ve been slowly trying to decorate.  I got a big boost this X-Mas with a mini-fridge from my father-in-law and a panoramic picture of the first pitch at the new Busch Stadium from my father.



Looking legit.

Yelling At Teenagers – Nicht Nicht

When my brother dropped me off after the AWOLNATION show around midnite I noticed that the neighbor kids were having another party.  It’s mostly harmless save the occasional beer can on the lawn.  But this time I saw that two of their friends were noticeably taking a piss on the front of the house.  What gives? First off, why would you piss on your friend’s house and not his neighbors?  Second, why not go to the side or back of the house?  Lazy fucking kids nowadays.  I yelled down at them, and they shot back a bunch of attitude back at me.  Now I have to write the homeowner and bitch about these shitty kids pissing on houses.  I don’t wanna be the old man griping at the kids, but come on man! Have a little common sense!

Sweetie Pies – Ach Ja

For those unfamiliar, Sweetie Pies is a local soul food restaurant that serves wonderfully heavy food. I’ve been to the new location in The Grove a few times and I left stuffed and happy.  I already enjoyed Sweetie Pies before I started watching my new favorite reality show, Welcome To Sweetie Pies.

Now I love it!  The show is supposed to focus on the trials of the restaurant’s owner, Miss Robbie, as she tries to expand her business.  But to me, the show is more an entertaining look at all of the goofy things I love about St. Louis.  The show is currently filming its second season right now, and Meg and I are planning on dining there again very soon, mostly because we want to meet Lil’ Charles, the show’s young, slacker employee.



And we’re really hoping to meet J.R., the show’s Eddie Haskell.  Hopefully I’ll have some pictures to post here in the near future.

Cardinals Exodus – Nicht Nicht

The worst thing about the hometown team winning a championship, aside from the corresponding rise in ticket prices, is the mass exodus of players the following year.  Obviously LaRussa retiring and Pujols leaving were both a big deal, but now most of the other veterans that could leave have decided to jump ship.  Nick Punto will now play shortstop for the Red Sox, Octavio Dotel and Gerald Laird both signed with Detroit.  And worst of all was the news that pitching coach Dave Duncan won’t be back either.  I know Duncan has a good reason for leaving, but it still sucks just the same.  I liked the 2011 Cardinals as a team, and the 2012 team will now look considerably different.  I want my Cardinals back dammit!

The Riverfront Time 2012 St. Louis Web Awards – ACH JA!!!

After all that I still can’t quell my excitement!   So I guess the only productive thing I can do is hit the sack early and try and get some rest tonite, because I’m going to need it tomorrow.  Sweet dreams internet!


The Captain

The Captain Says Ach Ja and Nicht Nicht: World Series Champions Edition

So when I said I’ll be back in a week, I guess I meant 3½.  Whoops.  What can I say; the 2011 World Series required an enormous amount of time from me.  By the time I had fully recovered two weeks later, I promptly caught a headcold for a week and a half.  But I’m happy to say that 25 days later I’m still thrilled to have seen such an amazing run to the Cardinals 11th World Series Championship.  With so much awesomeness packed into seven games over ten days, it’s time for another mega post.

Ach Ja and Nicht Nicht: World Series Champions Edition

Shelling Out Big Bucks For Game 1 – Ach Ja

I’ve wanted to go to a Cardinals World Series game since I was a little kid, but I had missed my last two opportunites.  In 2004 I was a poor graduate student and tickets prices were outrageous.  In 2006 I was living in Florida and unwilling to add the price of a plane ticket on top of a game ticket.  This time around I found myself a working man with a good income, so I threw caution to the wind and overpaid for a standing room only ticket on  It was totally worth it.

I took the train downtown an hour before the gates opened to walk around and enjoy the electric atmosphere.  It was breezy and around forty degrees, but I was dressed in layers and rocking my #29 jersey to cheer on my man Carpenter.  I saw lots of crazy Cardinals fans wearing Rally Squirrel costumes, got hit with a t-shirt fired out of a cannon, and I called Curt Schilling a bum when he drove past me in an ESPN golf cart.  I spent some time checking out the Occupy St. Louis camp


And the nutjobs from Westboro Baptist Church.


The security for the game was tight on account of the First Lady’s attendance, so it took me around 20 minutes to get into Busch Stadium


And another hour to find a good place to stand and watch the game.  For those unfamiliar with standing room only tickets, the Stadium designates only certain sections using yellow lines where ticketholders are supposed to stand.

Normally it’s not a problem to find a space, but the Cardinals sold several thousand extra World Series tickets and there was no place to stand that wasn’t already occupied.  A grumpy old lady kept making me and several other people move before the game started, despite there being nowhere to go.  I was milling about the lower deck on the 3rd base side during the opening festivities, but I was still able to catch Michelle Obama’s pregame ceremony, witch featured an amazing on field flag for the National Anthem.


Once the game actually started, there was a gang of around 30 of us with nowhere to stand so we just crowded around an exit tunnel until there was too many of us to shoo away.  I ended up with a great view for the whole game.


For an even better look at my spot, check out this panoramic picture I found online here.  There’s the Captain clear as day!

The game itself was amazing.  Carpenter threw a hell of a game, and Berkman and Craig both came through with big hits to give the Cardinals the lead.  The hometown crowd was into the game from the first pitch, and most of the crowd stuck around to cheer after the game was over.  It was an amazing nite that I will never forget

St. Louis Weather – Nicht Nicht

For some reason, the Weather in St. Louis decided to get crappy only when the teams played here.  Right before the first two games and right afterwards, the weather was sunny and in the 60s-70s.  But all four games in St. Louis had low temperatures and some spots of rain.  I know some people like cooler weather for the playoffs, but I’ll take the gorgeous weather in Texas for Games 3-5 every time.

On the Tuesday before Game 6 the weather was perfect, and by Wednesday it was so cold and rainy that Game 6 was cancelled hours before the scheduled first pitch.  As it turned out, the rain cancelation pushing back Game 6 by a day allowed for Carpenter’s availability to pitch Game 7, so I guess it worked out for the best.

Game 2 With My Sister and D – Ach Ja

Even though Game 2 was a low scoring game and a loss for the Cardinals, I still had a blast watching it.  I finally got to party at my sister’s new apartment


and give her my awesome birthday gift.  Up until the very end it seemed like the Cardinals were going to win, and even after the loss we were still in good spirits.

Watching Game 3 At Home – Ach Ja

My wife isn’t exactly a fan, but she’s very polite when it comes to baseball.  She’s fine with Cardinals games as background noise for 6 months and she’ll even attend a game with me once in awhile.  Up until the World Series, I had watched all of the playoff games either by myself or with other fans.  But I decided that I wanted to watch one of the World Series games with Megan so we could share the memory.  Luckily I picked the slugfest that was Game 3 to enjoy with her.  You can call a 16-7 victory a bit lopsided, but you can’t call it boring.  She made some delicious ballpark nachos and we sat on the couch with the dogs and watched the Cardinals put on their hitting show.  Pujols’ three home run night was a wonder to watch.  Glad I was able to experience it with my family.

Games 4 & 5 – Nicht Nicht

The Cardinals losing 4-0 and 4-2 in back to back nites was difficult to watch.  Luckily for me, I stayed home to watch the games in my basement and save some money.  Game 4 in particular was hard to watch.  I had Texas starting pitcher Derek Holland on my fantasy team, so I had a feeling he might come and shut out the Cardinals.

Ceremonial First Pitches In St. Louis– Ach Ja

For the four games played in St. Louis, the Cardinals picked some awesome past players to toss the ceremonial first pitch.  They were

Game 1 – Bob Gibson, Bruce Sutter and Adam Wainwright

Game 2 – Lou Brock

Game 6 – David Eckstein

Game 7 – Bob Forsch

I thought it was really cool to have the men who recorded the last out of the previous three World Series winning games for Game 1. And even cooler to me was bringing back 2006 MVP Eckstein for Game 6 because I got to wear my #22 jersey in support.  But perhaps most special was Bob Forsch throwing the pitch for Game 7 less than a week before his death.  What a great way to unknowingly honor one of the Cardinals’ greatest pitchers.

Ceremonial First Pitches In Dallas– Nicht Nicht

I know that the Rangers don’t exactly have a long history of championship baseball like the Cardinals, but this list left me kind of puzzled.

Game 3 – Dirk Nowitzki

Game 4 – George W Bush

Game 5 – Roger Staubach

Here we have an NBA player, a former NFL player and a former owner who drove the team into the ground.  Did I miss something?  Why are these men throwing baseballs?

But at least Texas did one thing right by tapping Zooey Deschanel to sing the National Anthem.  I love her voice and I think she did a really classy version of the song.  The anthem in St. Louis was sung by people I’d never heard of, like the country guy from American Idol and an R&B singer named Joe?

Game 6 In NoCo – Ach Ja

I headed back to my roots in North County to watch Game 6 at DJ’s apartment.  Captain Powers even made it out to cheer on the Redbirds, NoCo style.


Little did I know I’d be watching one of the best World Series games ever played.  As the game started it looked to be a long night.  Both teams brought out big offense early on and yet forgot to bring defense too.  It was sloppy going through the first half of the game, which made me want to drink.  Then the game got more intense, which made me want to drink even more.  When the Cardinals tied the game in the bottom of the 6th, I felt good about the chances of a victory.  But the two home runs and three spot put up in the top of the 7th made me ready to throw in the towel.  I didn’t think the Cardinals had one more come from behind victory in them.  As it turned out, they had three!

The two out, two strike, two run scoring double by David Freese in the bottom of the 9th sent us into a cheering frenzy which lasted up until Josh Hamilton’s two run homer in the top of the 10th.  Once again, I was pessimistic through the 2 out, 2 strike pitch that Berkman lined for a game tying single.  When the Rangers failed to score in the top of the 11th, I knew that the Cardinals were going to put the game away.  But even I was surprised with Freese’s full count home run swing.  Unbelievable!  Right afterwards DJ’s neighbor came over with his 10 day old son, which led to the strangest picture I took during the whole series.

When the game was over, we were too exhausted to even try going out to a bar to celebrate.  It was truly a game for the ages, one that practically required me to call into work the next day.

Celebrating Outside Busch Stadium After Game 7 – ACH JA!

After sleeping off the exhaustion from Game 6, I headed downtown to Sherriff Tim’s place early on Friday nite to get ready to bring home one more win.  After watching Carpenter’s gem against the Phillies at Sherriff Tim’s place I had the feeling that something great was in store.


There was something in the air in St. Louis that night, like everyone already knew the Cardinals were going to win.  After the Cardinals scored two runs from a walk and a hit by pitch in the 5th inning, the win seemed inevitable.  I waited until Molina scored Berkman in the 7th before deciding to rush down to the stadium.

I hoped in my car in the top of the 8th inning and hightailed it from South City to Jack Patricks downtown in under ten minutes.  Luck was with me when I managed to find a parking space across from the bar in a packed downtown.  I hightailed it to JP’s basement in time to watch the bottom of the 9th with my sister and her friends.  When the last out was recorded everyone in the bar hit the streets and headed down to the stadium.  It was absolute pandemonium on the streets, but the horn honking, high-fiving good kind and not the car flipping, trashcan burning bad kind.  We made it to Busch Stadium in time to buy a fresh off the presses Stadium Edition of the Post Dispatch.

There were thousands and thousands of Cardinal fan waving towels, cheering and screaming.  I must have high fived over a hundred complete strangers as I walked around downtown.  It was everything that I had hoped for and more; an amazing end to an unbelievable championship run.


Looking back now, I still can’t believe how many times the Cardinals came back against seemingly insurmountable odds to win.  And while I always believed they could make a comeback in any situation, there were several times when I didn’t think they would make a comeback.  It was a magical end to an mind-boggling season, and I’m glad that I was there at every step to watch it.





The Captain

The Captain Says Ach Ja and Nicht Nicht: Pennant Winning Edition

It’s been a week since I’ve posted here at The Captains Quarters, and it will probably be another week until I post after today.  There are simply too many amazing things going on around me for my weekday updates.  But seeing as this is a time I will clearly want to remember, I’ve decided revive my cheers and jeers segment, Ach Ja and Nicht Nicht!  If you’re not familiar with my favorite Bruno sketch, here’s a refresher.

Ach Ja and Nicht Nicht: Pennant Winning Edition

Roof golfing – Ach Ja

Before Game 5 of the Cards-Brewers series, my man D and I headed down to my old loft downtown and took a few practice swings on the roof.1 


It was an exhilarating way to warm up for what turned out to be a great game at Sherriff Tim’s place.  My sister was at Game 5, and stopped by Tim’s afterwards for a final meeting of the Right Field Heckling Club.  What a great final Friday game of the season!

Clinch game with the crew – Ach Ja

Two nites later I caught the amazing clinching playoff game with the party rock crew out in St. Peters.  Party monsters Dan Fjord and Matt G were in full effect, but the highlight was a special guest appearance by the jetsetter himself, @WilliamPepple.


Lots of Budweiser products and one Bud tower later and the Cardinals were going to the World Series!  It was a long game with some sloppy plays that looked like a home run derby after a few innings, but as long as the Cardinals won who gives a shit?  And now on to the World Series!

Home field advantage – Ach Ja

Thanks to Prince Fielder’s 3 run homer in the All Star Game, St. Louis has home field advantage when they face C.J. Wilson2 and the Texas Rangers in Game 1.  And as far as World Series in St. Louis are concerned, Game 1 is a rarity.  Despite playing in five other World Series in the past three decades, the last time the Cardinals had home field advantage was 1982.  There hasn’t been a Game 1 in St. Louis in almost 30 years!  After Sunday nite’s win, I knew on Monday morning that I couldn’t miss an event as awesome as Game 1.  I wound up paying way too much money for a standing room only ticket.  Hopefully it was a good decision…

Rally squirrel mania – Nicht Nicht

As much as I like the build up to World Series, the rally squirrel has gotten a bit out of control.  That little critter is EVERYWHERE in St. Louis.  And some of the folks here in St. Louis need to learn how to draw before they start printing up t-shirts.

I know it’s pretty much harmless, but I feel like it’s taking a bit away from the Cardinals incredible run down the stretch.  I know a lucky squirrel sound more fun than timely hitting and a lights out bullpen, but I’m sticking with the latter.

National sports media – Nicht Nicht

As if the announcing on TBS wasn’t bad enough, the national press’ reaction to the Cardinals in the Series has been even worse.  I get it, everyone thought the Phillies and the Brewers were better teams and the experts don’t like admitting they’re wrong.  And now, predictably, the sports press is picking the Rangers to win.  Well, go ahead and count out the Cardinals once again.  It seems to be working pretty well for them.

My sister’s 32nd – Ach Ja

My sister Cathie turns 32 on Sunday, and I wanted to wish her an early happy birthday.  And since today should be Wayback Wednesday, here’s one for you sis.


Cardinals rally songs – Nicht Nicht

And speaking of other segments I’ve skipped, how about some tunes for a belated 2 For Tuesday.  Here’s a study in what make a good Postseason song.  First up is a fun remix of the rally song from the 1985 World Series.

A classic.  And here’s what we’re supposed to rally behind in 2011.

That’s a Nicht Nicht!

End of summer – Nicht Nicht

Last weekend in St. Louis was gorgeous, so now of course it’s breezy and in the forties for Game 1.  Still, I’m glad I was able to enjoy the warm weather while it lingered.  Meg and I went out Saturday for an afternoon full of nice views at Lone Elk Park.


Afterwards we grabbed some wine at 3500 Winehaus and dinner at Stellinas to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  I am very lucky to have married such a wonderful woman who has been very understanding about my baseball obsession.  Love you baby!

Edible Arrangements – Nicht Nicht

Speaking of my anniversary, thanks for the nice cards and gifts we received for the occasion.  My dad was nice enough to send a gift, but it turned into a production.  For those unfamiliar, Edible Arrangements is a company that slices up fresh fruit in the shape of flowers and then delivers the fruit in bouquet form.  Which sounds lovely if you enjoy fresh fruit, as is the case with me.  However, receiving an Edible Arrangement at work is like being delivered a ticking fruit bomb.  Fresh cut fruit spoils quickly, and my office doesn’t have a full size fridge.  So I had to drop everything and strap in that bad boy and speed back home for lunch.

Damn if I’m gonna let this fruit spoil!  The end result is lots of delicious fruit, some of which I am eating as I type, so it’s an overall plus. 

Breaking Bad & Walking Dead – Ach Ja

Even though I’ve been obsessed with baseball for a few weeks now, there’s been plenty of other great stuff that’s caught my attention.  The best by far was Sunday nites on AMC.  The end of Season 4 of Breaking Bad was amazing.  While I knew the creators couldn’t top Season 3, they came damn close.  And it was followed this past Sunday by the premiere of Walking Dead Season 2!  That’s one hell of an incredible run, and almost enough to make me forget about baseball…

Cheering On Carpenter At Game 1 – ACH JA ACH JA ACH JA!

Yeah right!  Bring on the World Series!  The only thing more exciting to me than Chris Carpenter starting Game 1 of the World Series in St. Louis is seeing it live at Busch Stadium.  My favorite athlete has only pitched in the big show once before, Game 3 of the 2006 World Series.  I was watching that game down in Florida thinking about how badly I wanted to be there in person.  Five years later and I finally have my opportunity!  I’m so excited about tonite’s game that I can barely focus.  What an amazing run by the Cardinals, and what an amazing opportunity they have to claim their 11th Championship in 2011. 

Given how much I’ve watched the Cardinals play this year, I’m going to make a bold prediction on the series.  I think the Cardinals will win it in 5 games.  I think the Cardinals win both games in St. Louis, drop either Game 3 or 4 and then Carpenter returns to seal the deal on Game 5.  It might be a longshot, but that’s what predictions are all about.  I’ll be back next Wednesday with a full World Series wrapup, but until then –  LET’S GO CARDINALS!


The Captain

1. Don’t worry, no golf balls were used; downtown has enough broken windows…

2.  How fitting that Wilson was the one who gave up that bomb to Fielder.

The Captain Says Ach, Ja & Nicht Nicht: Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

Right now it’s a miserable 95 degrees outside, which means summer must be right around the corner.  And seeing that it’s been seven months since my last installment, I’m replacing today’s regularly scheduled Friday 5 with a summer edition of Ach, Ja and Nicht Nicht!

Ach, Ja and Nicht Nicht – Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

A No Prep Summer – Ach, Ja

For the past several summers I’ve been pre-occupied with some type of pending project.  In 2009 I was prepping for buying a house, 2008 I was adjusting to living in downtown St. Louis, 2007 I was prepping for the wedding and moving to Tallahassee, etc.  This year I blissfully have nothing on the horizon.  Finally!  I actually have time to kick back and enjoy the new house, like I did on Wednesday.

D and I enjoying a cigar on the new deck furniture with the pups

And nice weather + free time = a chance to start exercising again!  Rad!

My 31 Year Old Body’s Enthusiasm at Exercising – Nicht Nicht

Mentally I am psyched to start a running program again after such a long period of inactivity.  I have lots of time available and a gorgeous three mile trail around a lake right across the street from my house.  Now if I could just talk my body into feeling the same excitement…

I began walking a few miles a day this week coupled with some light jogging, and my body is already groaning something fierce.  It’s been about a year since I’ve exercised regularly, and my muscles are going out of their way to remind me of that fact.  I’m doing my best to ease back into activity, but it’s tough when I’ve lost so much ground over the past year.  But I have the whole summer to hopefully get back on track.

Brothers by The Black Keys – Ach, Ja

I’ve been a casual Black Keys fan for a number of years now.  I caught their set at Lollapalooza back in 2005, and I listened to Attack and Release more than a few times back in 2008.  But I always assumed they’d stay a riff heavy guitar and drum band.  Adding a bass and keyboard to the mix didn’t sound like it would work, but the results are undeniably amazing.  I think Brothers is their best album to date, and this was reaffirmed last week during their set at the Pageant.  Not only did they manage to sell out the place, they also managed to rock the face off of everyone in attendance.

I’ve been trying for the last week to find a picture of the super rad backdrop they used, but the  normally reliable internet has failed me.  They’re using a gigantic illustration of two hands triumphantly clasped together in a tire framed picture that is quite a sight.  So instead, enjoy this sly little video for their second single, Tighten Up.

Party Down – Ach, Ja

Why is the second funniest1 show of 2010 on Starz where no one will see it?  I like the idea of it being a cool little under the radar show, but I also think that everyone should be watching it.  Ron Donald should be America’s new loveable loser.

The premise of having a workplace comedy that naturally has a new setting every week is brilliant for television.  And having it on a pay channel is worth it just for the creative cussing.  But I can’t help thinking that if Party Down was on HBO it would be as popular and widespread as Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The Cardinals and The Phillies Stinking Up My Fantasy Team– Nicht Nicht

If it isn’t somehow apparent by now, I like baseball and I love the Phillies and the Cardinals.  Both teams have been playing sub-.500 baseball for the last month, which sucks in of itself.  But this subpar performance is really killing my fantasy baseball team, The Wild Turkeys.

My initial strategy for my team seemed brilliant.  Since I’m playing in my buddy Amir’s league based out of Tampa, I figured I could easily load up my team on Cards and Phils players since everyone in Tampa is American League fans.  I was able to stock up with Howard, Rollins and Ruiz on the Phils and Rasmus, Freese, Penny and Garcia on the Cards at a minimal cost.  This was a great strategy at the beginning of the year, and I propelled me as high as 3rd place in the league.  Then came this extended funk from both the Cards and the Phils, and I’m now 11th place out of 12.

So come on Cardinals and Phillies, pick up the pace already.  Do it for yourselves, but more importantly, do it for The Wild Turkeys!  Gobble Gobble!

Winter’s Bone – Ach, Ja

It’s been a slow year for movies in 2010, but I’m hoping this will change for me tomorrow.  Megs and I are meeting my college roommate Eric and his wife for an opening weekend viewing of Winter’s Bone.  The film is set in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, right outside of my college town.  The entire film was shot on location last year in the Ozarks, and supposedly looks exceptionally accurate.

I first heard about the film in an article back in January when it won the Grand Jury prize at Sundance.  Since then I’ve been anxiously following the film to watch for its release.  The story of a teenage girl tromping through the Ozark woods to find her meth dealing father sounds like my kind of film.  See for yourself.

<center><object width=”512″ height=”288″><param name=”movie” value=””></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><embed src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash”  width=”512″ height=”288″ allowFullScreen=”true”></embed></object></center>

24/7 Coverage of the Gulf Oil Spill – Nicht Nicht

Not only is this the worst environmental disaster in the United States, it’s also the most depressing news coverage ever.  Even at the height of all the gloomy news coverage during the Iraq war, there were at least a few stories about newfound freedom or restoring power to a region to brighten my day.  There is no good side to this story.

I understand journalists have an obligation to cover a story this monumental, but it makes me avoid the news altogether.  About the only positive thing to say about the disaster is that all those people I used to mock for getting a worthless degree in marine biology are now plenty busy.

Seed Bombing – Ach, Ja

With so much bad news about the environment, I was

I want to start seed bombing .  It combines all the good feelings of helping green my surroundings with the excitement of using guerilla tactics.  I found this website selling seed bomb vending machines and I’m convinced that downtown St. Louis would really benefit from having one.  Maybe I should plan a seed bombing day downtown.  Who’s with me!?!

AMC – Ach, Ja

AMC just keeps getting better.  2009 was a great year for their two dramas, Breaking Bad and Mad Men, which just happen to be my two current favorite shows.  And if last year was back-to-back home runs for AMC, this year looks to be a grand slam.  First out of the gate this year was the unbelievable season three of Breaking Bad.

Without a doubt, this is the most stressful show I’ve ever seen.  At any moment I’m just waiting for something terrible to happen to one of the characters.  And it’s that anything can happen feeling that makes me love the show so much.  And it features Bob Odenkirk’s wonderfully sleazy lawyer, Saul Goodman.

Next month is the return of Mad Men(!) on AMC, followed by the wild card of the bunch, Rubicon.  And October will see the debut of my favorite comic now in television form, The Walking Dead!

Those four shows + constant reruns of The Karate Kid and Goodfellas = my new favorite network AMC!

Upcoming Surgeries – Nicht Nicht

It’s been a week of bad news health wise.  First, I found out that Desmond’s broken leg is now internally infected.  So instead of getting his cast off soon, he must now get surgery on his leg or risk losing it.  And of course the surgery is ridiculously expensive.

Second, I found out that one of my front two teeth that were damaged in a camping accident six years ago is now abscessed.  So it’s getting yanked next month and being replaced with a pricey bridge.  Two costly surgeries in less than a month really sucks, especially since they are both the result of random accidents.  It’s really soured me on medicine in general.  Now when I see something cute, like the vet techs writing “The Constant” on Desmond’s cast,

My first thought is negative.  Yeah, he’s constantly expensive.

Captain Mike at Scott Air Force Base – ACH, JA!!!

Last weekend was probably the most excited I’ve been all year.  My college buddy Mike was in town with his wife to look at houses in the Metro East.  Mike is currently stationed at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio and just accepted a new post at Scott Air Force Base.  He’ll be moving to Shiloh, Illinois at the beginning of September!  So not only will I finally have another Captain to drink with

His tremendous wife Irene will be here too and only 35 minutes away from our house!

Mike and Irene stayed with us all of last weekend and Megs and I had a marvelously relaxing time.  I know I must have had fun, because I didn’t manage to find time to take any pictures or tweet anything2.

It’s been ten years since Captain Mike lived in the same town as this Captain, and it’s long overdue.  So here’s to St. Louis’ newest Captain.  Cheers!


The Captain

1.  Second to Parks and Recreation, which coincidently also now stars Adam Scott.  Although I heard that Adam leaving for Parks and Recreation has put a third season of Party Down in doubt. And now NBC is talking about canceling Parks and Recreation.  Please don’t Arrested Development these two shows!!!

2.  And, sadly, that is becoming a rare occurrence.  Damn you easy to use technology and social media.

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