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The Captain Loves Cabin Fever

This past Saturday was about as good as it gets for St. Louis in January.  The weather was sunny and 60° and I scored two free tickets to Cabin Fever Beer Festival at Schlafly Bottleworks!


Cabin Fever Tickets



Big thanks to Beer_Dork for the free tickets!  For those unfamiliar, Cabin Fever is basically one big tent full of beer in the parking lot of Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood.


Cabin Fever 1


18 different beers taps are available for sampling in two ounce pours; lots of reliable standbys like Pale Ale and Hefeweizen and all sorts of interesting specialty beers with remarkably high ABV levels.  It’s heaven for a beer lover like me, and the weather made it feel extra heavenly.  Dan Krause took my other ticket for the event, and we were surrounded by some of my favorite beer lovers from across the city. The Waiting Room Beer League folks made a strong showing


Beer League


Along with their designated driver for the day, IAmTylerHarris, pictured here with a sweet-ass portrait he commissioned of himself.


Tyler on Tyler


I ran into renowned beer aficionado Richard whom I know from Twitter but had never actually met in person until Saturday


Beer Twitter


And I ran into a gang of beer lovers I know from North County.  Here’s a picture I nabbed from the Riverfront Times Street Team of some of the NoCo crew including Todd Blalock,  Dan Krause and Christy Oberlin


Cabin Fever


Couldn’t ask for a better Saturday in January!  Thanks again to Beer_Dork for the tickets!



The Captain

The Captains One Month Olds

My niece and nephew are one month old today! That is a big milestone in the life of a premature infant. Both Harlan and Christina are healthy and growing fast. I had a chance to hold Harlan after his feeding this week


Cap & Harlan


And Meg had a chance to hold Christina


Meg & cece


It was exhilarating. Congrats on your first month my little friends.   I can’t wait till these guys are a little bigger and ready to play!



The Captain

The Captain Is Digging This Uncle Gig

Over the weekend I visited my niece and nephew again.  It was so exciting to see them again and to see how much they’ve grown over the past couple of weeks!  Look how big they are now!


Cece close up Harlan close up






The Captain

The Captains Friends Are Getting Old

Getting older is only funny when it happens to your friends.  Take my buddy Dave for instance.  We met up for lunch at Lion’s Choice today to celebrate his 35th birthday tomorrow.  We ordered our usual large roast beef with swiss, extra seasoning.  So far so good.  But then tragedy strikes when we get to sauce station.  No horseradish!





Dave cried for a good five minutes.  It was pathetic.1

What happened to the care free, happy-go-lucky hippie I knew in college?  The guy with the long hair and the tongue ring?  What we need is a #WaybackWednesday picture to hopefully remind Dave of the groovey days back around the turn of the century.  Here’s that laughing hippie with Maria & I back in May 2001.




Look at that happy young man.  What happened to his carefree life?  Has old age broken this shining spirit?2




The Captain




1.  Not factually correct.  We tried chipotle ranch and were mildly satisfied.

2.  Of Course not.  Dave is still as happy-go-lucky ever.  This whole post was a lie.3

3.  Well, except for the part about chipotle ranch being a decent alternative.

The Captains 10 Years Together – Part One

On April 22nd 2004 I went on my first date with Meg.  It worked out much better than either one of us could have possibly imagined.  We decided to mark the occasion of our first date with a two day vacation to celebrate.  But instead of traveling we chose to stay in our beloved hometown and enjoy everything that St. Louis has to offer.  And for a bit more of a local flair we decided to only patronize local businesses.  Two days of St. Louis originals!

We began our Monday with lunch at Farmhaus.




We have wanted to try the famous blue plate special at Farmhaus for a while, but getting down to Lindenwood Park midday during the week is difficult.  This was a great opportunity to experience firsthand all of the deserved praise.  Monday’s special included handmade fried chicken, mac & cheese and smashed potatoes.  And for only $10 it included a spinach salad and mango iced tea.  It was incredible!

After lunch we headed down to Forest Park for a stop at the Missouri History Museum.


 History Museum


The featured exhibit right now is part of the STL250 events to celebrate the birth of our fair city.  The exhibit is a fascinating look back at the important people and events in the city’s history and very informative.  If nothing else, it’s a great argument starter.  Just look at this list of famous St. Louisans’ who didn’t make the exhibit!




After the History Museum we headed to the Delmar Loop for a little afternoon fun.  We split root beer floats at Fitz’s


 Fitzs 2

Fitzs 1


And bowled a few games at Pin-Up Bowl.


 Pin Up Bowl


Meg is trying to look tough here while leading through the first 2 frames.  It did not last.  After the game we walked next door to the Moonrise Hotel and checked in to our room.  We have wanted to stay at the new fancy hotel on the Loop and this seemed like a great occasion.  The hotel was dreamed up by self-proclaimed mayor of the Loop, Joe Edwards


 Moonrise Welcome


It featured wall to wall moon decorations that are goofy yet still fun.  Lots of vintage photos of cardboard moons.


 Moet Moon


The suite where we resided was surprisingly spacious


 Moonrise Moon


And feature a gigantic Jacuzzi tub that we enjoyed thoroughly.


 Moet Hot Tub


For dinner we decided to dress up a bit


Moonrise Mirror


And take the elevator down to the Eclipse restaurant on the first floor.


Moonrise Stairs


The food and wine was delicious, but I mostly just glanced lovingly at my beautiful wife.




After dinner we went back to our suite and popped the cork on a bottle of Moët Champagne we brought from home and enjoyed a bubble bath in the Jacuzzi tub.


 Moonrise Cheers


It was an exciting yet relaxing way to enjoy our little St. Louis vacation, and the company was the absolute best!




The Captain

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