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The Captains Year – Preamble

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Preamble – United States Constitution

What I am about to write is more important than the Constitution.

Preamble – Year of the Captain

So I’m sitting by myself on Christmas Eve eating a salad in a air-conditioned high-rise condo by the bay and it occurred to me how strange that would sound if I wrote that down.  Reading what I just wrote seems even stranger, especially since the sentence is short one letter “n”.  Separated, the strange parts of the first sentence do not seem that strange.  I’ve spent several holidays by myself, I had a salad yesterday, and I have been living in this condo for the past six months.  Those three thoughts in the same sentence seem rather odd.

During the last day and a half of chosen solitude, most of my thoughts have been of the typical end-of-year-reflection variety. During my beachwalk this morning, my thoughts became very focused on the upcoming year.  I decided that instead of reminiscing, I need to focus on the year ahead.  I need to face forward and open my eyes.  It is in that spirit that I am writing.

The Year of the Captain is upon us.  2007 looks to the biggest year in my 28+ years on the planet thus far.  Next year will be full of momentous occasions.  Like my grandmother’s five sons, I will be getting married in my twenties, albeit the latter half.  This will involve seeing almost everyone I have ever known closely with a 72 hour period.  I will be traveling abroad for the first time to celebrate my marriage to Megan and I will be traveling to Las Vegas to say goodbye to numerous things, including my bachelorhood.  Finally, after years of anticipation I will be spending my spare time learning to navigate a boat on the ocean.  2007 will be the Year of the Captain.

In order to prepare for the upcoming year I need to focus.  Instead of jotting down a list on a scrap piece of paper, I have decided to write out my thoughts in order to start making this process a part of my routine.  Writing will be one of the many disciplines that will be necessary in order to get me to where I am headed.  In order to make it by the time September rolls around, I will need to adopt a more disciplined lifestyle in order to achieve my goal.  Since when did I get goals you may ask?  Well, I don’t have them yet asshole.

My main goal starts January 1st, and it is to get into shape for the wedding.  This will involve me routinely exercising and keep an exercise journal complete with weekly weigh-in.  This will involve eating healthy consistently.  Most of all it will involve me increasing my daily focus.  In the past I have kept journals to help me focus in times of need.  I will be adopting this journalistic approach again, but this time I will be sharing it with whoever is interested.  Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, my journal will be a modern interactive communication.

If you have read the previous five paragraphs and are still with me, congratulations.  If you just started reading, allow me to summarize everything I have written thus far into one sentence:  I am creating a weekly blog in 2007 to be known as the Year of the Captain.  This blog will focus on many different topics, but will always include the following items:  a countdown of days until I am married  and my current weight.  This will help me to focus on my goal.  Some of the other topics discussed will include:

Let me take you on a sea cruise – notes on becoming a Captain

The perfect storm – notes on wedding planning in Florida

Trimming off the barnacles – notes on getting back into shape

Open water – notes on life in the sunshine state

Stern view – notes on 2006

While this blog is being created to help me focus, it is also be used to help keep me in touch with the many people I no longer see on a daily basis.  To that end, I would like to encourage questions, suggestions, and feedback to my blog so that I can know the perspective of whoever is listening.  Keep in mind this blog will be a work in progress.  I am bound to make numerous spelling mistakes, discuss many a stupid topic, and miss the occasional week.  In the 40 weeks ahead until the wedding, my goal will be to post 30 weekly blogs.  Only then will the Year reach its full potential.  So it is with great excitement that I declare December 31st to be the beginning of the Year of the Captain.

What I am about to write is more important than the Constitution.


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