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The Captain Is Shoving Off From The Dock

Days Until I am Married:  279

Current Weight:  186 pounds

With a full week into the New Year I can say that everything is looking good thus far.  My first week of getting in shape was a good start.  Losing three pounds in a week is mighty encouraging.  This was accomplished by finally starting to eat healthy, and several long walks.

Living here has made it quite easy to stay active all week long.  Walking on the beach for several miles every couple of days doesn’t really feel like exercise to me.  The walk to the beach is even easier to accomplish.  The distance from my front door to the nearest beach is about three miles.  Walking to the beach and back takes about two hours, and is full of fantastic scenery.  The weather down here also helps out a lot; last week was quite pleasant indeed.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me what my weight goal, and I don’t really have a good response.  I’m not looking to weigh a certain number, or be able to run a mile in a certain amount of time.  Like Kevin Spacey said in American Beauty, all I really want is to look good naked.  The first step will be to get rid of the pony keg known as my tummy.

Besides getting back in shape, my focus has been on boating.  I spent the week purchasing the supplies necessary for my new found boating addiction, such as a compass, binoculars, fishing license, nautical charts, waterproof bags, and of course a new Captain’s hat.

Saturday marked my second full day of boating in the bay, and it was a smashing success.  My cousin Jessica was in town from Philly this weekend to visit the family, so she came down with my Uncle and his girlfriend to enjoy a day on the boat.  They picked the right day to come down.  It was in the 80s all day, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  We spent the day on a 20′ deck boat that was made for speed, and we made good use of it.

I really wanted to show my cousin a good time, and I am glad it worked out so well.  She just enlisted in the Army, and ships out for boot camp at the end of the month.  I figured she could really use some excitement, because her life is going to royally suck for the next two months.

I have mixed feelings about her joining the Army.  I hope it will provide her the direction that she is seeking, and I really hope they do not ship her ass to Iraq.  They told her they would not, but then again she signed a piece of paper that says they can do whatever they want to her.  Regardless of how I feel about the civil war in Iraq, I am going to support her decision.  I plan on writing her letters during basic training so she feels a little less alone.

The other highlight of my weekend was hosting a small get together at our condo on Friday nite to celebrate Megan’s new job.  We invited all of the other “fellows” over, i.e. the people who also recently moved to Sarasota to take the same job as me.  Megan made buffalo chicken chili, which tastes much better than it sounds, and we drank and conversed until late.

Megan begins her new job tomorrow, and that is about as much as I can tell you about her new employment.  All I really know is that she is quite excited, which makes me excited as well.  Hopefully she’ll know more by the end of this week.  And speaking of the end, this seems like a good point to call it a nite.  Well, so long for now and keep on dancing.


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