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The Captain Adds Six Months To Three Years

Days Until I Am Married:  186

Current Weight:  175

Somehow I continue to drink more and weigh less.  Eating well and behaving badly; funny how things work out.  My weight loss continues to progress to my deelite, the weather has been rather agreeable, and I even had a friend come and visit.  An old friend of mine from freshman year of college, Ms. Lauren Jane, was nice enough to come pay me a visit.  She came and stayed with Megan and me for a couple of nites before Easter.  As luck would have it, she picked the perfect day to stop by.

We went out on a boat ride for six hours of perfect weather.

It was cloudy when we woke up, and then for some reason all the clouds went away right when we took the boat out of the marina.  The sun was out, the breeze was mellow, and we were ready for some serious boating.  After enjoying a couple of cocktails in the bay, we headed to my buddy Jimmy’s bayfront dock and had a small dance party on the roof of his boat garage.  The Cubans who were working on the house watched us like we were crazy.  Lauren continued the dance party on the bow of the boat, which caused the few other vessels in the bay to stop and watch.

As soon as we docked the boat, the clouds came back.  What great timing.  After the boating my buddy Amir joined us and the rest of the nite was spent enjoying fine Japanese cuisine and trying to sneak into the roof-top pool on the building next door.  Unfortunately, the security guards at said building have gotten wise to our sneaky ways and we had to settle for the hot tub downstairs.

The next morning Lauren was off, headed to visit her parents with a sunburn that must have gone great with the St. Louis Easter snowfall.  I spent the weekend marveling at how stupid a group of my peers were acting.  The rest of my weekend was spent relaxing with Megan, except while enjoying all of the horrific splendor that is Grindhouse.

This past weekend I did some irresponsible drinking of my own.  I went out to a brand-new Irish pub that opened up a couple of blocks from my building.  I was drinking with my buddies Amir, who is getting married in a month, and Rob, who is having a baby in six months.  Two men who drink like their time is short, yet I’m the one who ended up puking.  To be fair, I wasn’t really that drunk.  I was fine until I took a couple of drags off of a cigar, and then I turned green.  Shortly thereafter, my liquid dinner came up and out.  I learned the hard way that stogies don’t mix with a belly full of booze.

After all of the nonsense from Friday, I did a complete turnaround for Saturday nite.  That evening Megan and I celebrated our third anniversary together.  Our anniversary is not until the 22nd, but we will be traveling back from New Jersey that day so we decided to celebrate a week early.  We went to a wine tasting, had a fantastic dinner, and then enjoyed a wonderful sunset on the beach.  Everything was great, except of course for our movie choice.  Do yourself a favor and don’t see For Your Consideration.

Besides that, I had a superb time celebrating three years with the woman of my dreams.  I’ve been together with Megan for three years, and there is now less than six months till I am married.  Yet neither one of those facts freaks me out in the slightest.  If that ain’t love, then I don’t know what is.


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