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The Captains Only Constant Is Change

Days Until I Am Married:  148

Current Weight:  172

If one thing in my life is constant, it is that of change.  As I write this blog, I am currently drunk while typing in my room at a resort in Miami.  But more about that later.  First I will concentrate on the positive.  My weight loss continues, albeit slower than it has been thus far this year.  I am down to losing as pound every two weeks as opposed to every week.  Still, not a bad position in my book.  Besides that, everything else has been in constant motion.

I have attended two weddings in the past two weeks, one here in Florida and one back home in St. Louis.  I also have celebrated the one year anniversary of graduating with my Masters.  At the same time, I have had to struggle professionally with keeping the job that caused me to move to Florida.  Yet through this I have managed to stay optimistic.  Well, enough rambling, here’s how it all played out.

Two weekends ago, Megan and I attended the wedding of our closest friends here in Florida, our neighbors Julie and Amir.  And what a wedding it was.  Amir is Egyptian Orthodox, which made for quite an interesting ceremony.  Not only did the priests at the wedding sing everything in the ceremony for an hour straight, they even brought a pair of cymbals to keep a funky beat.  The bride and groom donned a cape and crown during the ceremony, which was pretty sweet in my book.  They both looked fantastic!

Even better was the reception; those Egyptians know how to party!  Megan and I have been to several receptions lately, but this one was by far the most relaxing and enjoyable.

This was followed a week later by the wedding of Megan’s best friend back in St. Louis.  This wedding required a great deal of personal commitment, especially considering that Megan and I were in St. Louis for less than 48 hours.  In the 42 hours that I was in Missouri, I managed to see several close friends, attend all of the wedding festivities, and get almost 10 whole hours of sleep.

The highlight of the trip was hanging out with my brothers.  Not only did I get to see the high water marks of the biggest river flood since my brothers were born, I was able to take them to South City and show them a side of St. Louis they had never seen.  Hitting Tower Grove Park, the Hill, and Ted Drewes with my bros for the first time was special, especially for a North County guy like myself.

After a long day on Saturday that included a wedding, a reception, and a graduation party at Jen’s new house, I left St. Louis at 8 am on Sunday to return to Sarasota for 36 hours.

I left Tuesday morning from Tampa to fly to Miami for the Florida City Managers Conference.  After arriving in Miami, I took the opportunity to check out all of the fuss surrounding South Beach.  I walked around for about an hour, and all I saw was a bunch of goofy looking skinny broad with fake racks sunning topless on the beach.  I guess some guys would find that exciting, but it seemed kinda creepy to me.  It was like being at a dingy strip club, with the sound of waves replacing the constant barrage of Motley Crue songs.  In other words, a paradise for the over 40 single dudes set.

While here in Miami, I’ve spent the last two days absorbing the reality of city management in Florida during the day, and drinking alone in my room at night.  This pattern is quite similar to the year and a half I spent on the road back in 2003; professional by day, degenerate by nite.  I’ve spent the last few days fretting about my future, and the last few nights trying to forget it.  See, I am at quite a strange crossroads at this point in my career.  A year ago, I graduated with my Master in Public Administration and decided to move to Florida in order to gain valuable experience in local government management.  However, recent events in Florida have made my transition quite difficult.

Without going into detail, I will say that Florida’s State Government is currently deciding on measures to limit the budget of local governments here in Florida.  This has caused local governments here to be extra cautious about hiring new employees, which sucks for me.  The fellowship program that brought me here to Florida expires within a month’s time, and this heightened level of uncertainty has been troublesome to say the least.

All of the aforementioned details brings me to right now, tipsy at a resort in Miami in a king size bed for one.  One year ago I graduated and thought that my problems were solved.  Little did I know that they had just begun.  Once again, my long term perspective is phenomenal but it’s the short term that is holding me back.   I’m going to have to fight to keep a job in Sarasota, but I finally feel up to facing this challenge.  Here’s hoping that it all works out.


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