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The Captain Has Post-Coma Insomnia

Days Until I Am Married: 19

Current Weight:  168

Tonite I find myself in an unfamiliar place and in an unfamiliar situation.  I’m sitting in the plush bed of the airport Hilton in Tampa and I am unable to fall asleep.  I’ve been traveling for work quite a bit lately; this is my third hotel room in five nites.  Usually traveling doesn’t affect my sleep patterns.  Actually nothing usually affects my sleep pattern, I’ve fallen asleep quickly my whole life.  This makes dealing with insomnia quite challenging for me.  Tonite I’ve decided to blog myself to sleep.

In the past week I’ve flown five times, and I’m catching a flight at 7am tomorrow to head back to Tallahassee.  I spent the weekend in Tampa enjoying my last bit of free time before the wedding.  Tomorrow begins a two week sprint to finish everything in time for the big day.  But that is tomorrow, right now it’s time to relive my exciting weekend.  Friday started on a bad note when my flight from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa was delayed.  In a strange twist of events, the flight crew was delayed in rush hour traffic in Miami because some idiot crashed a small aircraft in the middle of I-95 during rush hour.  This made me quite late for my dinner date with Megan in Tampa.  She was in Tampa on Friday for business, and spent the nite at the hotel with me before driving back to Tallahassee on Saturday.

I spent the first part of Saturday taking a woman out to dinner and a movie.  That woman is my 80 year old Grandma, and the movie she picked was Hairspray.1

Afterwards my uncle came by my hotel room and hungout for a few hours.  Nothing too exciting because I was saving my energy for gameday on Sunday.  My uncle scored us tickets to see the Rams play the Buccaneers on Sunday.  My uncle knows a guy who has a private box at the stadium, and it is amazing.  The room comes with a free buffet and a friggin’ bartender.  I was so excited that I of course got trashed immediately.  From what I remember, I had a really great time.2

One of the girls hanging out in the box was actually from St. Louis.  This would have been way cooler if she didn’t repeatedly steal my hat or if she didn’t have the personality of a dishrag.  I guess chesty blondes don’t really need a personality to get by.

I passed out immediately after the game and slept from around 5pm till 2am.  I woke up fully clothed and rather confused.  After a downing a bottle of water and several ibuprofen I went back to sleep.  I probably got about 14 hours of sleep last nite, which is the only reason I didn’t wake up with a massive hangover this morning.  This is why I am unable to sleep tonite.  I have to wake up in five hours to catch a plane, but instead of sleeping I’m typing.  Hopefully getting back to my routine tomorrow will help me fall asleep faster.  As for tonite, I am going to give the sleep thing another try.


The Captain

1  The movie was not as bad as I thought it would be, mostly because I thought it would be the worst movie ever.  John Travolta in a fat girl suit was so unnecessary.  Give me the John Waters, Ricki Lake original anyday.

2   I had to check and see what the final score was this morning because I don’t remember much past half time.  As it turns out St. Louis got creamed, so I guess it’s actually not so bad that I can’t remember much.

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