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The Captains Destination Wedding

Days Until I Am Married:  2

Final Weight:  162

After a long and arduous journey, I’m finally here.  Currently it is 6:30 in the morning, and I’m sitting on the patio of resort lobby looking down at the black waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  I usually have no trouble sleeping in on any given morning, but not today.  The excitement that is coursing through my veins wouldn’t let me go back to sleep.

After a year of planning, months of preparation, and two weeks of non-stop work, I have finally arrived at my destination.  Megan and I checked in yesterday to the Sanibel Harbour Resort, which is the location of both our wedding ceremony and reception.  We will be here for the next four days to celebrate our love.  And we couldn’t have picked a better spot.  The waterfront resort overlooks the bay and the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico.  It feels like tropical getaway yet it’s easy and convenient.

We spent months last year looking for the right spot, and finally found it here at Sanibel.  The minute we walked in, we knew this was where we wanted to be married.  That was last October.  One year later, I’m sitting here about to partake in the most elaborate celebration I’ve ever planned.

The road here was difficult at times.  Planning an event this large with little help was certainly taxing on both Megan and I.  In order to give everything a personal touch, we spent countless hours working on all of the little details.  For me personally, arriving to this point in time has been a journey.

At the beginning of the year, I set a goal for myself to write thirty blogs and loose thirty pounds by my wedding.  With two days to go, looks like I fell a little short of my goal.  I ended up writing 24 blogs and loosing 27 pounds.

Am I disappointed?  Of course not.  I am amazed that I was actually able to loose 27 pounds this year.  I started out strong, and then slacked off a bit this summer.  However, after Labor Day I vowed to give it my best shot for the final six weeks and I lost 10 pounds in that time.  I fell 6 blogs short of my goal, but that also is pretty amazing.  I concentrated on making my blogs personal and I always wrote for enjoyment.  As a result I have renewed my love for writing.  I plan to continue with my writing well after the wedding has past.

The wedding has been my destination for quite some time.  Now that I am finally here I see it not as a destination, but merely another stop on my journey.  And what a hell of a stop this will be.

In the next 72 hours I will see almost everyone I’ve ever been close with together in the same room.  It will be my family and my friends together on one large collective vacation.  This wedding is a destination for everyone attending, and I am grateful to everyone who made the trip.  For those unable to come, I will keep you in my thoughts.  But enough contemplation, time for the enjoyment.  I’m getting married in two days!  Let The Celebration Begin!


The Captain

The Captain Say There Is Only One October

Days Until I Am Married: 10

Current Weight:  166

After a long and grueling season, we have finally made it to October.  Just as baseball prepares for the playoffs, Megan and I have made it through to our playoffs, the final two weeks before the wedding.

The baseball playoffs initially looked to be disappointing without the presence of the Cardinals.  However, my steady back-up Philadelphia Phillies winning the East from the self-destructed Mets has invigorated me for the playoffs.  The pre-wedding playoffs will not be nearly as exciting.  The past week has been non-stop wedding preparation, and in the next seven days we will actually step up this pace.  While this process involves many things, first and foremost it involves list-making.1

Also involved in my preparation for the wedding is an increased focus on personal care.  I’m exercising at least once a day, brushing, flossing, trimming various hairs, moisturizing, and I’m even going to the tanning salon.  Usually I do not take this much interest in my appearance.  I determined that this was necessary when it occurred to me that my wedding day will likely be the most photographed day of my entire life.  It’s not very much fun, but the results are quite encouraging.  I lost another two pounds in the last week, and I can almost feel another couple ready to melt off.

Besides lists and personal care, the wedding has pulled me in many different directions.  I’ve made numerous conformation e-mails and phone calls, purchased copious amounts of wedding related products, downloaded and arranged too many songs to count, and spent countless hours making decisions about things that never occurred to me would require a decision.  This is by far the most elaborate celebration I will ever plan.  However, I do not want to make myself sound like a martyr.  Megan has done the lion’s share of the work for the wedding.  If the preparation has been a team effort, then she would definitely be the MVP.

So yeah, not much exciting news to report.  Long gone is the memory of my exciting weekend in Tampa.  I truly had a blast at the Rams game, from what I remember.2 I love cheering for the bad guys, and this game was perfect.  When the Rams took the field, they actually played the Imperial Death March from Star Wars.  St. Louis was only down by three at the half, which gave me ample opportunity to trash talk during the half.  Even though we lost miserably, it was still a blast to cheer for the bad guys.

As I am writing this, it occurs to me that I need to wrap this up and get back to the wedding list.  Seven more days of being a list-slave and then the fun begins.  Time to buckle down and power through.


The Captain

1  Usually I find the act of list-making a creative way to procrastinate.  Writing about the work I need to perform doesn’t actually involve any work.  However, the wedding list is not as forgiving.  Everyday I check things off, yet it continues to grow.

2  I must have been thoroughly soused at the game.  I say this because I discovered my classic two day-after-drunken-tattoos.  First, I found a large number of bruises and scratches on my body.  These drunken tattoos indicate that I must have fallen down several times.  Second, my hand was covered in writing.  For some reason when I’m drunk I typically write notes on my hand of stuff I want to remember the next day.  I wrote “glass wall”, “onion”, and “yellow” at various points during the game.  As usual, I have no idea to what these words referring.

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