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Where It Begins

It’s official, I’m a blogger.

Well, technically I’ve been a blogger all year.  In January I started keeping a blog on myspace .  As you may or may not know, the focus of the myspace blog was the preparation for my upcoming wedding.  I always assumed that getting married would be the finale of the myspace blog.  I figured I would write a recap of the ceremony and the honeymoon and then call it quits.  As you can see, this was not the case.  The last ten months of blogging really rekindled my love for writing.  I didn’t want to stop writing, but I felt that what I started on myspace had come to its logical conclusion.  That has led me to The Captain’s Quarters.

While I did enjoy the myspace blog immensely, it occasionally felt restrictive.  I created the myspace blog so I could stay in touch with all of my friends and family before they attended my wedding.  I tried, albeit unsuccessfully at times, to steer clear of random thoughts, stories and ideas.  By creating the Captain’s Quarters, I am in a sense giving myself the freedom to write about whatever is on my mind.

From a practical standpoint, the myspace blog also felt restrictive based on the simple visual layout of the website.  It was basically a glorified word document with a random picture.  I decided to check out the other blog websites on the web and after an exhaustive search, I ended up here at blog-city.  If I am going to create a visual journal of my life, then it damn well better be appealing.  I want the blog I keep to look, feel, sound, and act just like me.

This brings us to the Captain’s Quarters and my official designation as a blogger1.  Accordingly, I promise to live by the unofficial rules of blogging, i.e. I will never blog about

  1. The act of blogging2
  2. My current emotional state
  3. My job/coworkers
  4. The mundane details of my daily life
  5. My love life

I will try to make the Captain’s Quarters an interesting and/or entertaining way to share ideas with friends and family.  In return I ask that you please share your ideas with me by commenting on my writings whenever possible.  With that being said, it’s time to shove off from the dock and set sail on this little adventure.  Feel free to stop by the Captain’s Quarters whenever you get a chance.


The Captain

1 Even though I acknowledge that the word “blogger” is ridiculous.

2  Well, after this post…

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