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The Captain Opens His Treasure Chest Of Pics

I recently found myself with an abundance of free time while my wife was out of town for eight days.  In order to fill this void with something productive I decided to upload all of the digital pictures on my computer onto my Flickr site.  I had no idea what a gargantuan project I was undertaking.  Uploading, editing and sorting almost a thousand pictures can be quite time consuming.  Two and a half weeks later and I am finally finished.  Every digital picture I own is now on the Flickr site.1

If you ever remember me taking a picture of you chances are it is on the site.  In order to make the pictures easier to access I tried to group them logically.  I ended up grouping the new pictures in to three collections:  Events, Friends, and Family.  For those who may be curious, here are the groups that make up the collections and a sample pic.  First up are all of the groups in the Events Collection

Mardi Gras

With Mardi Gras only a couple of days away, I thought I should start with pics from previous year’s celebrations.  Included are the Soulard pics from 2006

And pics from my 2003 trip with DJ to New Orleans.


This consistently fun holiday has produced several memorable pics.  Included are pics from the 2005 party in St. Charles

And the 2003 party in U-City featuring me as Ritchie Tennenbaum and my sister as RollerGirl

Beer Olympics

The ridiculously drunken antics of this hollowed competition are finally available.  Included are pics from the 2005 RTK edition

And the vastly superior 2006 edition.


I’ve attended my fair share of weddings.  The wedding pics associated with Jamie & Rachel, Chris & Jen, and Mike & Irene have their own groups, and feature great shots like this one from Mike & Irene’s wedding.

Other weddings, like Eric & Sarah, Alison & Geoff, and Brian and Barb, were included in friend and family groups.

Drinking Activities

Other various activities that involved drinking are included in the events collection, specifically New Years 2007, My 27th Birthday, and the 2005 winery trip seen here.

The rest of the pics on the site are divided up according to the various group of friends and family associated with Megan and I.

Hazelwood Crew

These pics are primarily of my friends from high school.  There are numerous different pictures, including this one from the ’96 reunion.

Springfield Crew

These pics are of all of my college friends, including the Sunvilla Tenacious Dustmites, the cast of Suite Ds, and the 420 Madison crew seen here

1709 Crew

Most of these pics are from the two years I lived in St. Charles and the people who frequented 1709, such as these idiots

Sarasota Crew

The wonderful year I spent in Sarasota is cataloged in these pics, so accordingly there are lots of boat shots such as this

Megan’s Crew

All of the pics I possess of my wife and her friends are included here, i.e. lots of hot ladies like these

Cathies Crew

All of the pics I possess of my sister and her friends are included here, i.e. lots of drunk ladies like these

Ruiz Crew

The Monday nite Karaoke crew at Ruiz were a picture happy lot.  My contribution features lots of randomly posed pics such as this

I have also collected numerous family pictures into three collections featuring my Dad’s side of the family

My Mom’s side

And my wife’s family.

Finally, I put several random pictures of myself in a group under my name.  Lots of gems here, including me at my finest like this

So please enjoy the digital fruit of my electronic labor.


The Captain

1  Well, almost every picture.  If there is a picture that you are looking for that is not included on the site, it is probably due to low quality, questionable material, or unflattering angles.

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