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The Captain Really Enjoys St. Louis

After a three-week hiatus, I am finally back.  My short visit to St. Louis at the beginning of February wound up being much longer than I anticipated.  All together I spent 24 days back in Missouri.  And since 24 is the highest number , the whole month now officially belongs to St. Louis.

And what a crummy month to visit the hometown.  St. Louis was much colder and snowier than the winters I remember.  Everyone seemed to be catching the flu, getting over the flu, or dealing with a bad case of the winter blahs.  Giving February to up to St. Louis also involved me not being able to share the two best parts of the month with my lovely new bride:  Valentine’s Day and the Oscars.1

Despite all the unpleasantness, I still managed to have a great time.  I spent lots of time catching up with old friends.  Wine with Timmy, darts with Jamie, music discussions with Dave are always a good time, but nothing beats drinking with D.

Being back in St. Louis really made me realize how much I miss all of my family and friends back home.  Megan and I know so many great people that we rarely get to see, and we are tired of it.  As such, I have a major announcement to make:  We are officially moving back to St. Louis!

Megan and I have been considering moving back to St. Louis for a little while now.  We’re not exactly in love with Tallahassee, and the public sector job market in Florida is taking a turn for the worse.  During my Missouri visit, I had two interviews with a local government in St. Louis County.  I accepted a job offer with this city on the last day of February, and I am currently in the process of hammering out all of the details.

I am super stoked about my new job and even more so about moving back to St. Louis.  I’m not exactly sure when Megan and I will be moving.  It will most likely be by the end of March.  I will post more moving information as it becomes available.  I look forward to seeing everyone back home again soon!2


The Captain

1  Megan still got flowers for V-Day, and I actually beat Megan for the first time in the Oscar Pool.  Still, it wasn’t nearly as fun without her.

2  And by that I mean come help me unload our U-Haul.

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