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The Captain’s Eyes Have Been Violated By Rupert Murdoch

After watching another nite of reality programming on FOX, I feel the need to wash my eyeballs.  Last nite was the worst!

First up was Moment Of Truth.  Having never seen the show, I had no idea what a sleazefest was in store.  As previously mentioned, a guy I knew in high school named Mike Greenland was on the program.  This was the only reason I watched said show.  I thought it would be entertaining to watch him feel embarrassed.  I was wrong. It started out funny, especially the part about the wax replica of his dick.

Then the show dove straight for the gutter.  The questions about his wife’s sisters were bad enough, but bringing out his father was just simply terrible.  This was compounded by the fact that the host is a total sadomasochist and the crowd was straight out of a Roman coliseum.  Cruel stuff.

To clarify from my last post, I have no personal grudge against Mike.  He was always nice to me, and seemed like a generally decent chap.  To me he was the guy who breezed through high school without a care in the world.  This was definitely not my high school experience.

As such, I thought watching a guy with such an seemingly easy life feel uncomfortable would make me feel better about dealing with the struggles I’ve had throughout my life.  This was not the case.  I wound up feeling pretty bad for Mike.1

Even if I hated the guy, I’d still feel bad for him after watching that show.  The lengthy pauses combined with the melodramatic, over-the-top music made for the bottom of the barrel in reality programming.

Well, except for last nite’s American Idol.  This episode was personally insulting as a music fan.  Not only did they sing an awful medley of Beatles tunes

And do even worse cover of “The Distance” by Cake

They actually used “A Day In The Life” as background music for the cast attending a movie premiere.  Positively dreadful!

And to make matters worse, Idol will feature Paul and John’s songs again next week.  I think that these two shows along with MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen are a sure sign that the apocalypse is soon approaching.


The Captain

1 Well, as bad as I could for a guy who just won 100 grand…

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