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Megan Hacks Into The Captain’s Blog

Well, well, well….I’ve been threatening to do this for some time. But The Captain said I’d never figure out how to break into his blog.  Well,  seeing as he’s left me alone yet again while he’s living it up big in St. Louis, I’ve had some time to figure this out.  So first things first.   Let’s get this whole dog thing straight.  He may go on and on about how he’s too big a man to get a weenie dog but I know deep down he really wants one.  I have it on good authority that he’s been caught snuggling with my mom’s chihuahua on several occassions. Just check out how much his resistance to owning a dog has gone down in just one week.  And the type of dog we’ve been looking at is not your typical girly, dress-up-in-adorable-sweaters kind of dog (well, maybe a little bit). Here is the picture of the toy fox terrier I’d like to get. Seriously, how can you look at this face and not love it?

While addressing the dog issue was definately my priority in breaking into this blog, there’s a few other things I’d like to clear up while I’m at it.  First of all, I do not have not ever made him watch any TV show, let alone reality shows like American Idol.   All of you who know The Captain, know that he loves nothing more than to find something that he can bitch endlessly about (not that I don’t, but we’re not talking about me here).  So while he may whine about watching shows like American Idol, his insationable appetite for things he can 1)complain about or 2)blog about or 3) somehow blame me for,  wins out every time.  And speaking of reality shows, it’s interesting that he went on and on in a recent blog about how bad they are for society yet mentioned nothing of the fact that he currently has 6 episodes of Rock of Love , 3 episodes of The Real World , and about 10 episodes of Intervention sitting on the DVR as we speak.  American Idol may not be the most sophisticated show on the planet, but compared to those trashy Rock of Love girls, it may as well be Masterpiece Theatre.  I think this picture pretty much explains it all...

I guess this is the portion of the blog where The Captain usually informs everyone what he’s been up to lately. I won’t bore everyone with the details but let’s just say it’s included it’s fair share of shopping, dog hunting, and oh, yeah lots of packing.  I’d display some pictures of my fantastic Tallahassee adventures but , alas, he took the camera with him to STL.  So since I’ve got no exciting pictures to fill the space I will have to call the blog quits at this time.  I will say that despite the fact that he’s actually a dog-loving reality-tv hound, I love The Captain more than anything and am looking forward to joining him back home in St. Louis soon.

Arrivederci (I can’t say”Ciao” since that’s his line)

–The First Mate (A.K.A. Megan)

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