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The Captain Addresses The Recent Mutiny On His Ship

I leave for a couple of weeks and this is what happens.

First let me deal with this mutinous behavior.  Apparently a certain crew member was unhappy with some of the things that I have discussed in previous entries.  Instead of leaving her thoughts in the section created just for comments, she decided to forcibly commandeer the Captain’s Quarters and use it for her own nefarious designs.  While I do not approve of such treacherous behavior, I feel obliged to answer the allegations leveled against me.

I am not anti-dog.  I happen to like canines; they are far superior to felines.  I enjoy the company of other people’s dogs from time to time, much in the same way I enjoy other people’s kids occasionally.  However, using the argument that my enjoyment of other people’s dependants implies I would like one for myself is a serious jump in logic.  Playing with a dog – great.  Owning a dog – huge pain in the ass.

As such, my resistance meter is being reinstated to 75%.  I also want to state that I am not anti-reality television.  While I admit that most of it is mind-numbing and exploitative, it can be highly entertaining if it is done correctly.  The reality television that I watch allows me to passively judge the nonsensical lives of the show’s subjects.  Rock Of Love allows me to watch trashy girls pseudo-compete for the arm of a washed-up guy in a bad wig, and laugh.  Intervention allows me to watch addicts in action and marvel at how bad their addiction has taken over their life.

My specific problem with American Idol is my inability to take the show seriously, which is the whole point of the program.  Not only is the show’s premise of turning above-average karaoke singers into stars flawed, it has been repeatedly proven false by previous winners.  If it was titled “America’s Next Great Karaoke Star” I wouldn’t mind the show nearly as much.  With my mutiny now under control1, let me address the other mutiny in my life.

Someone one has hijacked Mother Nature in St. Louis.  Last week saw a flood and a snow storm here in St. Louis.  It was a difficult weekend here in Missouri.  Check out the flood picture I took off the highway

The picture was taken off of I-44, very near the softball fields I frequented during the brief five-month period that I lived in Fenton.  The flooding was pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as the coverage in the media.  The article I read about the flooding in Valley Park on showed a picture of a feedmill and a flooded semi and made it seem like it was all happening in the middle of a rural area.  Valley Park is in the County.  Thanks for portraying us as a bunch of hicks, we can’t get enough of it.  Less damaging but far crazier was the snow on Easter.  Look how confused I am.2

At this point you may be confused as to why I was in St. Louis this past week.  To make a long story short3, I started my job early.

I chose to fly back to St. Louis and work in my new office for two weeks before the move back.  I’m flying back to Florida on Saturday, with my anticipated return being April 3rd.  Let me take this opportunity to invite everyone reading this to come and personally greet me when I return on April 3rd, and also to help me unload our U-Haul.  Megan and I can use all of the help we can get.

Speaking of Megan let me go on record as saying that I was actually impressed that my lovely wife hacked into my blog.  I probably deserved what I got.  She is wonderful and I miss her a great deal, especially since I’ve only seen her for two out of the last eight weeks.  Soon we will be back together here in Missouri, and then she’ll really be stuck with me.


The Captain

1  I also elected to change the selections on the side bar of the blog back to more reasonable choices.

2  I tend to make this face a lot, but it is actually appropriate in this situation.  And yes there is a dog in the picture, but it’s someone else’s!

3  Too late.

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