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The Captain Ponders The Weather He Is Under

We’re officially moved into our loft!  We’ve been done with a majority of the unpacking for a week now, so I’ll stop griping about the moving process.

As is typical, after a stressful couple of weeks I was able to relax for one whole day before I became sick.  I’ve been under the weather since last Friday and I’m still trying to shake this cold.  Normally I’d be fine by now, but I think this crazy St. Louis weather has been keeping me down.  The heavy rainfall and the severe temperature changes must have taken a toll on my weak Florida skin.

I used to say that St. Louis weather was unpredictable, but it’s actually quite predictable when compared to Florida.  Forecasters in Florida will predict rain every day for half and hour, but won’t tell you when the rain will fall.  St. Louis forecasters will predict that every day will be different, but still tell you what to expect.

For example, I went to a ballgame last Wednesday nite that was sunny and in the 70s, and went to a game two days later that was rainy and in the 40s.  Hot chocolate and baseball make for a strange combination

I was hoping to shake the cold by Tuesday, but I was unsuccessful.  This was unfortunate, since yesterday was my four-year anniversary.  No better way to celebrate the first date with my lovely wife than with a handful of Advil Cold and Sinus and a couple of shots of NyQuil.

Despite my condition, we still managed to have a great time.  Our first date was at Trattoria Marcella, and has since been a yearly tradition for dinner on April 22.  Afterwards, we grabbed some Ted Drewes and enjoyed the lovely weather at a nearby park.

Our anniversary always puts things into perspective for me.  On our first date four years ago, I was still in the process of enrolling in grad school.  Two years ago on our anniversary we were recently engaged and busy planning my graduation.  Last year we went to the beach after dinner and drank champagne.  Now here we are, married, back in Missouri and living downtown.

I’ve gone through a great deal of change in the past four years, but the one constant in my life has been Megan.  Much like St. Louis weather, our relationship has been constantly changing but I still know what to expect everyday.


The Captain

The Captain Hates To Move, But Loves New Places

Editors note:  This is the other piece I wrote while internetless.  As the recent episode of South Park demonstrated, it is tough being offline for a long period of time.

After a week straight of unpacking, I am ready to kill someone.  Unpacking is and always will be a marathon of patience, especially when moving into a loft.  Luckily, I love the new place I am living.

We moved into a recently renovated building on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis.  Our building was originally the home of the Sporting News , but sat vacant for decades after the paper moved out twenty years ago.

The completely renovated eight story building now features a roof-top deck and some amazing views.  Check out the view from our living room window:

We can see the Arch from our couch!  The Fourth of July should be super-killer-sweet this year.  Our loft is a decent size, two bed and two bath.  I’ll post some pics when the space ceases to resemble a box and furniture warehouse.

Our building is across the street from the Schlafly Tap Room , which is both exciting and a little problematic.  Besides that, we haven’t ventured out too far to check out the downtown scene yet.  I am looking forward to enjoying the downtown life soon, once the slog of unpacking is finally complete.  Oh well, at least the weather is supposed to be quite crappy this weekend.  This should give me plenty on incentive to stay inside and finish the unpacking.  Well, in theory anyway…


The Captain

The Captain Spends A Week In Limbo

Editors note:  I have been without the internet for the last 2 ½ weeks due to my recent move.  During that time I wrote a couple of blogs that I was unable to post.  Here is the first:

As far as weeks go, they don’t get much longer than the last one.  Last Tuesday, I packed everything I own into the biggest truck that U-Haul rents and head out of Florida.  1 faulty gas gauge, 2 dead car batteries, $475 in gas, 900 miles and 50 hours later, I arrived in St. Louis.  That was one week ago, and I am still exhausted.

My journey appeared to be cursed from the start when I ran out of gas less than an hour into the trip.  The U-Haul gauge said I had ¼ a tank left, but apparently my truck was a filthy liar.  I had to jog a mile down to the next exit, buy a gas can and fill it, then jog back and fill up my truck.  When I finally got the truck to the gas station, I was greeted with this horrible sight:

I didn’t know that gas gauges went that high!  By the time it hit $150 I was ready to pass out.  Needless to say, moving cross county during the highest recorded gas prices in history proved to be rather costly.

Megan and I spent that night in Alabama1, and awoke the next day to find that her car wouldn’t start.  One tow and one new car battery later, and we were back on the road.  We arrived back in St. Louis late last Wednesday nite, hoping that the worst was behind us.  This was only the beginning.

Several logistical problems almost prevented us from moving in on time.  We eventually squared away most of the problems, and spent most of Friday unloading the U-Haul.  That nite I was greeted by another dead battery, this time on the U-Haul.  I guess even car problems come in threes.

By Saturday we began the grueling process of bringing order to the mess that is our new home.  That nite we received a much needed break in the form of a wine and cheese party.  Lots of friends, wine, karaoke, washers, and guitar hero helped remind us why we moved back to St. Louis in the first place.

I started back at my new job on Monday after my week “off”, and I’ve been busy trying to get the new place set up since then.  Once our place looks presentable, I will post some pics and some kind words about our new home.  Until then, I will be plowing through a big pile of muck hoping while trying to stay positive.


The Captain

1  Driving through Alabama is actually worse than it sounds.  Not only are the roads the worst I’ve ever seen, the local rednecks have taken to putting the phrase “BAMA” on every surface imaginable.  Bill suggested that I congratulate the first redneck I see on his support of Barack oBAMA.  That Bill is a witty one indeed.

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