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The Captain Hates To Move, But Loves New Places

Editors note:  This is the other piece I wrote while internetless.  As the recent episode of South Park demonstrated, it is tough being offline for a long period of time.

After a week straight of unpacking, I am ready to kill someone.  Unpacking is and always will be a marathon of patience, especially when moving into a loft.  Luckily, I love the new place I am living.

We moved into a recently renovated building on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis.  Our building was originally the home of the Sporting News , but sat vacant for decades after the paper moved out twenty years ago.

The completely renovated eight story building now features a roof-top deck and some amazing views.  Check out the view from our living room window:

We can see the Arch from our couch!  The Fourth of July should be super-killer-sweet this year.  Our loft is a decent size, two bed and two bath.  I’ll post some pics when the space ceases to resemble a box and furniture warehouse.

Our building is across the street from the Schlafly Tap Room , which is both exciting and a little problematic.  Besides that, we haven’t ventured out too far to check out the downtown scene yet.  I am looking forward to enjoying the downtown life soon, once the slog of unpacking is finally complete.  Oh well, at least the weather is supposed to be quite crappy this weekend.  This should give me plenty on incentive to stay inside and finish the unpacking.  Well, in theory anyway…


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