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The Captain Has Another Wicked Awesome Fourth

July Fourth has consistently provided me with stellar entertainment over the past few years.  In 2006 I drank free beer on the beach while watching fireworks over the Gulf.  Last year I docked a boat on a sandbar in the Gulf and relished in the sun with my friends in Sarasota.  This year continued the Wicked Awesome Fourth tradition, this time for three whole days.
My old friend Mike and his fantastic wife Irene came into town for the weekend and stayed with Meg and I.  Houseguests are always fun, especially when they excel at drinking and conversing like Mike and Irene.  We hit the bars hard on Thursday nite, and spent most of the day on Friday recovering and prepping for our big party.
And what a party it was!  We decided to have our loft-warming party on the Fourth, since we have such a lovely view of the Arch.  This was quite an undertaking, especially since Meg and I haven’t ever thrown a party together in St. Louis.  We wound up with about 25 people to enjoy Meg’s food, my drinks, and the downtown fireworks.

We even managed to mix groups of friends without any catastrophes.  After another morning of recovery, we spent the afternoon at the ballpark enjoying the lovely weather and the Cardinals win over the Cubs.  We walked all over downtown with our guests, and I even learned a thing or two about our up and coming city.

That nite we had a much smaller gathering over to watch the fireworks.  After such a busy weekend, Saturday’s low key vibe was quite relaxing.  By the time our guests left on Sunday Afternoon I was pleasantly exhausted.  72 hours of non-stop excitement added up to a Wicked Awesome Fourth like no other.  Here’s to America Baby!

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