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The Captain Enjoys The Summer Breeze

Top 5 Things That Have Prevented Me From Updating My Blog

1.  Being social

Summers in the City are a social time.  My friends tend to come out of the woodwork and head straight to a bar.  Happy hours, local bands and trivia nites are all good reasons to support the local watering holes.  Tenacious Trivia is especially enjoyable.  I get to feel smart for knowing trivial facts.

Timmy and I are laughing at the table next to us.  They answered “Jaws” to the question “For what romantic comedy did Richard Dreyfus win an Oscar?”

2.  Trying to be an adult

Keeping the focus has been relatively easy lately.  I’ve been hitting the gym regularly.  I’ve been working extra hard at my job.  I went for a check-up with my doctor.  While these activities actually make me feel great, they make for some pretty dull reading.  Juvenile behavior is a much more interesting read.

3.  My uncle’s visit to St. Louis

My uncle and some of his family were in town last weekend on their way to Texas.  My sister and I spent a couple of day doing the tourist thing with his family, who were here visiting from Philadelphia.  My uncle hasn’t been to St. Louis in over thirty years, so there was plenty to show him.

The highlight was catching the Cards-Phillies game last Sunday nite.  The weather was surprisingly mild and the game was surprisingly exciting.  The Cards struck out twice with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth, much to the delight of our Philly visitors.  I was bummed the Cards lost, but our guests had a blast at a game I’m sure they will always remember.  Plus, it gave me a reason to bust out the rally cap!

4.  Preparing for Dave’s Big Day

My buddy Dave is getting married in a week and I’m a part of the process.  I volunteered to help out with the music duties for the wedding, as well as the planning for his bachelor party.  The bachelor party was Friday nite, and it was a strange one indeed.  It was equal parts mellow and violent.  The highlight was a bunch of ex-hippies trying to drive bumper cars under the influence.  Plus, Dave got drunk enough to puke

And then pass out in the car while the rest of his crew went to see Pineapple Express

5.  A lack of creativity

My flow of creativity has been reduced to a trickle lately.  Sometimes I don’t have that much to say, so I figure why force it.  Even now, my lack of creativity has reduced me to using a Top 5 list to write about my life.  Hopefully the juices will start to flow again soon…


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