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The Captain Turns The Dirty Thirty

After months of anticipation/dread, my thirtieth birthday is finally here.  It started rather gloomily with the dismal weather that Gustav brought to St. Louis.  It quickly turned around, though, thanks to my lovely wife.  She woke up early to cook me breakfast, which is extremely thoughtful considering her usual displeasure with waking up early.

With a belly full of delicious breakfast, I attended a special b-day appointment at my new favorite place and then trudged into work.  I had considered taking the day off, but it seemed rather pointless to stay home on a Wednesday.  Besides, working on my birthday seems pretty normal for a thirty-year-old.

My co-workers were nice enough to get a cake with the obligatory vulture-on-a-tombstone.  In a strange coincidence, my secretary’s birthday is also today.  So half the cake was pink with flowers for her, and half was black and gloomy for me.1

Tonite Meg and I are heading down Washington for dinner, and then enjoying a quiet evening at home.  Barring any unforeseen surprises, my birthday should be a low-key affair.

So, did I freak out today?  Of course not.  Do I feel any different?  Of course not.

After several days of reflection I have realized that I’m not really distressed about turning thirty; I’m distressed that everyone else is getting older with me.  Me in my thirties is fine.  All my friends in their thirties is much hard to digest.

Well, enough groaning.  I’m thirty.  No big deal.  If you need me, I’ll be at Bed Bath and Beyond.


The Captain

1  My secretary is like 25 years older than me, but everyone was jabbing me for being old!  Must have been nice for her.

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