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The Captain Adds New Whistles And Bells

Top 5 New Additions To Captains Quarters

1.  Countdown to Meg’s Thirtieth

Now that the counter for my Thirtieth has expired I have decided to replace it with a Thirtieth counter for Megan1.  This may appear a little harsh but I assure you she has it coming.  She reminded me quite frequently over the past year and a half that I was due to turn Thirty soon, so this is just her come-uppins.

2.  New Flickr Photo Album

On Monday I uploaded about six months worth of pictures to my Flickr site and I wanted to find a way to highlight my effort.  I found a nifty bit of code that produces the cool mosaics of pictures, so I upgraded the icon.  The new pictures on my Flickr page include my b-day surprise, Marissa’s wedding, fourth of July, Dave’s wedding and various other events.  Check it out!

3.  The St. Louis Forecast

Before I head to work in the morning I usually check this great weather website, Weather Underground, for the forecast.  Last week I noticed the website has code available for real-time weather updates and I decided I should add it to Captains Quarters.  Now all of my out-of-town peeps will know how unbearably hot/cold it is here in St. Louis.

4.  RSS feeds

A friend asked me a couple of months ago to add this feature and I promptly forgot.  Now seems like a good time to remember.  For those of you unfamiliar, RSS feeds are a way to get updates when I post new entries.  You should check them out if you haven’t already, they are quite handy.

5.  Visitor Location Maps

One of the cool things about Blog-City is that the site actually tracks the country of origin for all visitors to Captains Quarters.  While most visitors live in the US, I do get quite a bit of traffic from Canada, Korea, and Germany.2 This nifty little bit of code from ClustrMaps will actually track hits to my site and place a dot on the map to correspond.  Should be interesting to see where the dots land.


The Captain

1.  And Kim.

2.  Once again proving my point that Germans love Captain Raoul.

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