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The Captains Wedding Season Part Three

After a memorable five weeks, my wedding season came to an end this past weekend.  The home-stretch was chocked full of Italians, unforeseen drama and fine liquors.  In other words, my good friend Timmy finally tied the knot.

Tim and I have been friends for quite a while now, stretching way back to my early days as the Captain.  Here’s Tim and his best man Jeff enjoying some spirits on a boat back in the day.

Tim married his lovely girlfriend Julia, which works out great for Meg and I.  Not only are they a fun couple to hang out with, they also live just down the street from us and both have jobs that involve loads of free booze.  Score!

Timmy’s wedding actually required quite a bit of personal involvement on my end.  I helped out with the DJing duties yet again, and also was a part of the wedding party.  Renting a tux is a drag, but look how good Jeff, Tim and I clean up!

While Tim’s wedding certainly required a large time investment from me, it wound up being the most hassle-free wedding of the season.  This was primarily due to the small size.  The first two weddings I attended both had over 200+ guests.  Tim and Julia had around 50, which made for a much more relaxed atmosphere.

While there was lots of behind the scenes drama, none of it spilled over into the wedding.  The ceremony was intimate and full of smiles, and the sun managed to push back the rain.  Everyone looked great, especially Julia.

The reception at Maggiano’s was just as intimate and even more relaxing.  We had plenty of time to enjoy the top shelf booze, generous portions of Italian food, and old friends I hadn’t seen in years.  Alex the Raging Liberal was on hand to entertain us with his bleeding heart.  The illustrious Boz even made an appearance, and I finally got to meet his wonderful wife. 1

Despite having problems with the sound system and almost destroying the wedding cake accidentally, everything seemed to fall into place by the end of the nite.  Meg and I were glad to support another happy couple and another magnificent wedding.

And with that, my wedding season has officially come to an end.  While the 2008 season was not nearly as tiring as 2007, it was just as much fun.

Congratulations to Dave & Kelly, Adam & Marissa, and Tim & Julia.  Thanks for the memories.

And to all you single fellas out there, remember your time is coming soon.


The Captain

1.  Boz went from the quintessential bachelor to Mr. Family Man a few years back, and I haven’t seen much of him since.  Boz and his little lady just had a baby, so they’ve been out of commission.  They definitely had the look of two people who hadn’t been out on a Saturday nite in quite a while.

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