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The Captain Speculates On Getting Lost Again

So the first trailer for the upcoming season of Lost debuted last week.  Here it is:

If Lost is not your thing, I would suggest skipping this post as I am about to nerd it up vanishing-island-style.

There are several things that seem apparent about Season Five after viewing this trailer.  As such, allow me to nerd this up properly:

Top 5 things the Season Five trailer suggests

1.  They intend to return to the Hurley numbers story.  The beginning of the trailer refers to 108 Days spent on the island.  108 is the sum of 4+8+15+16+23+42.  There is no way this is a coincidence.

2.  The show will answer the traveling-island questions.  The trailer seems to point towards the island traveling backwards in time.  One of the quick shots shows Juliette uncovering the original hatch from Season One.  Later we see Daniel at the back entrance to the original hatch.  He is being held at gunpoint by a man in a yellow hazmat suit, the type that Desmond wore during his time in the Hatch.

3.  John Locke’s destiny will be revealed.  This is supported by the brief shot in the trailer of Locke holding a compass.  This was the same compass that Richard laid out in front of a young Locke when he was asked to pick the objects that belonged to him.  Since we know he will die, I would imagine they will bring all of the Locke strands together.

4.  The Oceanic Six snap out of their post-island funk and get back to kicking ass.  We see that Jack shaves off his mourning beard, Kate packs a gun and grabs Aaron, and Hurley grabs a gun punches a dude!  Go team!

5.  Season Five is going to be awesome!  With tons of questions still to answer and plenty of time to develop the story, I’m expecting a big payoff for 4 seasons of loyalty.   Plus it is scheduled to start airing uninterrupted in January or February and there is no impending writers strike to shorten the season.  That’s 17 back-to-back episodes!  I can’t wait!  Only three more months!


The Captain

The Captain Is Torn

In which the Captain picks a team based on a scientificly sound method.

Besides my wife and politics I’ve been busy with my third love:  Baseball.  I usually watch the playoffs every year, but this time around it was different.  Besides the Cardinals, I usually don’t really have a stake in the outcome of post-season baseball.  I just enjoy the theatrics.  The only cheering I usually do is against the Cubs and against the Red Sox.  But not this year.

As previously mentioned, I’m a big fan of both the Phillies and the Rays.  I’ve been a Phillies fan since I was a kid.  They are my loveable losers; the polar opposite of the Cardinals.  Both teams have been around for about 125 years.  In that time span the Cardinals have won 10 World Series, and the Phillies have won once.

Going to see a Phillies game is also an opposite experience.  Cardinals’ fans are known for being the best in baseball; they frequently cheer for achievements of the visiting team.  Phillies fans are known for being a tough crowd.  I remember as a kid watching the home team boo Mike Schmidt, their future hall of famer, when he struck out.  Unbelievable!

And while I’ve been a Rays fan for only a couple of years, they too have that loveable underdog quality.  They have a small payroll, a crappy stadium and no fanbase.  The last Rays game I went to had more fans for the visiting Yankees than for the home town team by at least 2:1.  In 2007 they were so hard up for fans that they offered free stadium parking for all games.  Free parking at a ballgame, that’s some hurting.

So imagine my surprise to discover that my two favorite loveable losers both made it to the World Series.  The Rays even managed to defeat the Red Sox to make it to the big game, which was just extra icing on the cake.  So now I am torn as to which team to root for; I want them both to win.  So I’ve decided to compare the teams to determine my allegiance.  Since they both are pretty damn good at playing baseball, I will only be examining what I consider to be the other vital parts of a team

Best Mascot

This one is no contest, definitely the Phillies.  Tampa has Raymond the Ray, one of the wussiest looking mascots ever.

Seriously, what a pansy.  And who decided to make a fish harry?

The Phillies on the other hand have one of the best mascots in the business, the Philly Phanatic.

Man do I love me some Phanatic.  Like Gonzo from the Muppets, he’s just considered a weirdo.  He’s not actually an animal; he’s the personification of crazy.  Plus he has a cool party blow-out in his snout.

He’s light years cooler than Raymond.  One point for Philly.

Better Fans

This one depends on how you view fans.  Philly fans are definitely more dedicated, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.  For example, last year I went to see a Phillies spring training game in Sarasota with my uncle at the Reds’ stadium.  We had great seats right behind home plate.  In the first inning we started hearing a guy screaming profanity at Pat Burrell.  I turned to my uncle and said “Man, these Reds fans are pretty rough.”  He replied “Nah, that’s definitely a Philly fan, probably came down to Florida on vacation just to yell at his own team.”  Sure enough, the guy was decked out in Phillies gear and kept screaming at Burrell the whole game.

While the Rays fan base is a little tepid, they have yet to boo their own team.  Plus, they all bring cowbells to games.  Point Rays.

Better Logo

Last year this would have been a toss up.  I was never in love with the Phillies logo.

I’m not against it, but it seems a little Colbert-ish now.  I always thought the original Devil Rays logo was pretty cool, black-and-green with a big fish.

Solid.  But last year they dropped the Devil from the logo, and are now going with a Ray of Sunlight.

No only does this seem lame, the stories that will follow if the Rays win will be extra-super-duper-lame.  Any variation of the “Rays drop the Devil and find the Promised Land” headlines that are sure to follow make me cringe already.  Looks like another point for the Phillies.

Better Player Names

This one is hands down a point for the Rays.  The Phillies have some decent player names, like Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino.  But Chase and Cole are lame names for a dude, and I absolutely hate the G spelling of Geoff.

The Rays have a goldmine of names:  Carl Crawford sounds dangerous, Gabe Gross sound hilarious, and Akinori Iwamura sound like a ninja.  Add to that the strange coincidence of Evan Longoria’s name and we have a winner.  But the best is B.J. Upton.  Like naming your son Sue, any guy who goes by B.J. must be super tough and ultra-secure of his manhood.  Big point for Tampa.

Favorite Player

This one is tricky.  My favorite player on the Rays is Carl Crawford.

He’s young, he hits for power, he steals bases, and an all around great player.  Plus he stuck with the Rays through several shitty years.  And my Nana is a huge fan of him.

On the other hand, Philly has Ryan Howard.

This former MVP has a lot of power, is an RBI machine and plays with a real passion.  Plus he’s a hometown St. Louis guy, which gets him bonus points.  Unfortunately, those points are negated by those cheesy commercials he did with Jared from Subway.

I think the real tipping point is that I actually met Ryan once in college.  I ran into him at a party several years back before he was in the majors.  I remember meeting him because there aren’t very many 6’4” black guys in Springfield, Missouri.  So I guess the personal connection makes the final point a point for the Phillies.

So with a final score of 3-2, just like Game One’s score, it looks like the Phillies have won my allegiance.  I’m gonna say the Phillies in 6.  But no matter what the outcome, I’ll still be happy for the winner and feel bad for the loser.


The Captain

The Captain Puts On His Rally Cap

Ok, my wedding anniversary is not the only reason I’ve been absent from the blog.  Where oh where else has the Captain been?  Well, on Saturday I spent the day here.
Megan and I attended the Obama Rally at the Arch this weekend.  Can you see me; I’m about twenty rows back.  I’m next to the crazy chanting lady…

My buddy Bill came downtown to join us for the event.  We walked about 25 blocks from our loft and ran into this

The line into the rally started at Market Street and snaked down for a good mile-and-a-half.  There were people everywhere!  We had to stand in line while waiting to enter the arch grounds, but it was actually rather amusing.  There were numerous people selling Obama buttons, shirts, bobbleheads, signs and even the Obama action figure.

We arrived at the security gates just in time to miss entry into the front rows.

This actually worked out well for us; we were allowed to run down the hill to the front of the first barricade.  This gave us a great view of the stage, and gave us an amazing view of the crowd.  In case you were wondering, here is what 100,000 Missouri Obama supporters look like.

All of the state’s Democrats were in attendance, including Mayor Francis Slay, Senator Claire McCaskill, and candidate-for-Governor Jay Nixon1.

The event was smoothly run and very punctual.  Obama took the stage at five past noon to thunderous applause.  Even though he mostly stuck to his stump speech it still electrified the huge crowd.  No matter what you think of his politics, there is no denying the man is a great public speaker.  Obama spoke for about fifty minutes, but it wound up clocking in around an hour due to the random crowd chants.

Overall, I had a great time and felt very encouraged.  I’ve never seen a Presidential candidate speak, so it was a real treat for me.  I really enjoyed seeing so many fellow Missourians take part in the political process.  This is truly a historic election, and witnessing a part of it first hand is something that will always stay with me.


The Captain

1  Jay Nixon has the worst/craziest stump speech ever.  He advocated using several illegal methods to increase voter turnout, and I’m only half sure that he was kidding.

The Captain Is No Longer A Newlywed

So I’ve been too busy to write a blog the last week-and-a-half, but I can assure you that it is not iPhone related.  Where oh where has the Captain been?  Well for starters, Megan and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary!

October 13th marked one year of the married life, and I couldn’t be happier.  We celebrated the occasion like an old married couple; lots of relaxing around the loft and going out for a ginormous dinner.

With so much happening over the last year, it felt very appropriate to celebrate the occasion in a low key manor.  We watched some video footage, looked at pictures and reminisced about the good times in Fort Myers.  Our wedding was probably the most fun I’ve ever had, and it felt wonderful to celebrate such an amazing event with my wife.

Once again we would like to thank everyone who made the trip down to Florida last year to help us celebrate.  We felt truly blessed to have so many of our family and friends attend.  And thank goodness we picked 2007 as the wedding year.  Let’s just say that holding the event in October 2008 might have changed the attendance a bit…

No wedding anniversary would be complete without a portrait to commemorate the occasion.  We went to the absolute best place for portrait, a mall kiosk.  This sums it up perfectly.


The Captain

The Captain Gots The Haps On The Apps

Now that I’ve proven that I can write about other things besides the iPhone, I feel I have earned the right to gush about the iPhone.  Compulsive, I know.  Just humor me so I can hopefully get it out of my system.

Top 5 favorite features on the iPhone 3G

5.  Porting pictures and contacts over from my PC.

Getting a new phone usually involve the extremely tedious process of transferring phone numbers.  Killing an hour with phone button pushing sucks.  With the iPhone, I imported all of my phone numbers from Outlook in less than five minutes.  This also makes it very easy to maintain.

The added bonus with phone numbers is the iPhone’s ability to import photos.  Now I can assign a good picture taken on a real camera for incoming calls.

Of course I took this opportunity to use the funniest old pictures of my friends I could find.  For example, here’s what I see now when my buddies Dave and Timmy call me.

4.  QWERTY keyboard

Typing or texting using a number-pad sucks; full keyboards are the way to go.

3.  Google Maps

Having a built in GPS is awesome, but a GPS that uses Google Maps is the best.1

2.  Video iPod

I’ve had the same old-ass 3rd generation iPod for a number of years now, so I’ve never really experienced all of the advances that the iPod has made.  It’s kick-ass.  Of course I now enjoy being able to watch my favorite videos with Dwight and Stanley

But I really enjoy now being able to see the album cover from the song that is playing.  It’s a simple thing that makes listening to music so much more engaging.

1.  Third-party applications

By far the coolest thing about the iPhone is that the developers opened up the creative process.  Much like video games, Apple created the iPhone as a system and left most of the extras to other.  While the iPhone comes with some basic programs, most of the cool ones are available for download from third-parties.

This gives all the nerds and would-be entrepreneurs of the world a chance to come up with come crazy-cool stuff.  I’ve already downloaded applications that turn the iPod into a flashlight, a pedometer, a pair of dice, a koi pong, and even a lightsaber.  And I have applications that allow one-touch access to Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, and Wikipedia.  There are many more applications to download, which should keep me in love with my iPhone for quite a long time.


The Captain

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