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The Captain Pulls Himself Away For A Couple Of Minutes

Predictably, I’ve been messing around with my iPhone nonstop the entire week that I’ve owned it.  Technology should not make me this happy, yet I’m smiling right now just thinking about my sleek little friend.  I was going to write a Top 5 fave features list, but back to back iPhone entries seem a bit compulsive.

Instead, I will focus on the many other wonderful things that have occupied my time recently.1

First and foremost, I’ve been very busy hosting a couple of trivia nites.  That’s right, The Captain is now hosting for Tenacious Trivia!

I’ve always been a big fan of trivia games, whether played on a board at home or out at a bar.  Several months ago my sister introduced me to group called Tenacious Trivia that hosts trivia nites at numerous bars around St. Louis.  The games that I attended were always memorable for having a unique format, great pop culture questions, and witty hosts.

In August I discovered that Tenacious Trivia was looking for new hosts, and I decided to audition.  Hosting seemed to be the perfect combination of two of my favorite things, trivia and talking to a group of drunken strangers.  The audition went great2 and soon enough I was behind the mike reading questions.

The group of guys that runs Tenacious Trivia are real cool cats, and so far I’ve really enjoyed the hosting gig.  Right now I’m hosting two games; one on Sunday nites at The Stable and another at Stella Blues on Tuesday nites.  I encourage everyone reading this to check out one of the games I host.  They start at 8pm, last about an hour and a half, are free to play, have fabulous prizes, and are fun fun fun!
And also check out Tenacious Trivia, you can click on the tab with a link on the sidebar, or check out the myspace page or the facebook page .

Besides hosting trivia the following things have kept me busy, in no particular order:

I finally finished Steven King’s hella-good and hella-long new book, Duma Key.  In the book he actually takes time to build characters and subplots into the narrative before he brings the horror element into the story.  Just like the good old days!  Not only is it the best thing he’s written in quite a while, almost the entire book takes place in my former home of Sarasota, Florida.  King is a notable snowbird that winters in Sarasota and hence there are lots of local Sarasota references sprinkled in the book.  Good job Steve!

Speaking of good jobs, how about those Phillies and Rays!

While I’m a diehard Cardinals fan, I’ve also been rooting for the Philadelphia Phillies since I was a little kid.  My uncles took me to a few Phillies games when I would visit in the summers, and they’ve been my back-up team since.  I saw the Phils both times they were in St. Louis this year, and almost got heckled out of the stadium the first time for wearing a Phillies shirt.  After 15 years of not winning a single play-off game, the Phils are one series away from heading to the championship round.

Also one series away are the Tampa Bay Rays, my new favorite team.  I went to a couple of Rays’ games over the past two years when I lived in Florida, but mostly to boo the visiting Yankees or Red Sox.  However, after seeing the Rays play it was hard not to cheer for the scrappy young team.

Now they both have a chance to play in the World Series, an event that would make my grandmother’s head explode.  She lived most of her life in Philly before moving to Tampa, and now she is a diehard fan of both.  Here we are together at a game a couple of years ago.  In fact, I think this picture pretty much sums up my feelings on baseball:  Go Phils, Go Ray, and Go Cards!

I’ve also kept busy planning some upcoming parties.  Meg and I are busy searching for Halloween costumes, but still haven’t decided on a good couple’s costume.  I wanted to go as Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife, but Meg wouldn’t have it.

I also thought it would be funny if I dressed as Daniel Plainfield and Megan wore a milkshake costume, but she also shot that one down.

Right now, I think we might go as polygamists, but we’re still kicking around ideas.

Also, I’ve started planning a big party for December 5thAs I mentioned last year , December 5th is the 75th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition.  And what better reason to get together and celebrate than the re-legalization of alcohol!   I will post more details on the party as the date moves closer.  For now, set that Friday aside for some major celebrating.

Finally, other people’s babies have been keeping me busy.  So many people I know are either trying to get pregnant, already pregnant, or new parents.  Most recently, my childhood friend Casey just had a boy , Meg’s friend Kim got knocked up, and my cousin Christina just had her baby shower.

These babies are going to start taking over the world!  Congratulations to all the new mothers and the soon-to-be-new mothers out there.  Good luck!


The Captain

1  I purposely left out any mention of the Presidential election.  While I’ve been very engaged in the entire process thus far, writing about it would be very draining and time consuming.  If you’re interested, ask me and I’ll let you know all about it.

2  Nailed it!

The Captains Quarters Is One Year Old

One year ago I made the jump here to The Captain’s Quarters and what a great first year it has been.  I’ve had a respectable 17,500 hits in the first year, and have managed to average almost one reply per entry.  Every month I continue to attract more views; October was my busiest month yet.

So far I have done an excellent job at staying away from the Top 5 unofficial do-not-blog-about-topics:

1.     The act of blogging1

2.      My current emotional state

3.     My job/coworkers

4.     The mundane details of my daily life

5.     My love life

Looking back, I’m quite happy with the shape that this blog has taken.  To celebrate the first year of The Captain’s Quarters, I’ve decided to stick with tradition and create a list.

Top 5 Entries From Year One Of The Captain’s Quarters.

5.  The Captain Gives Thanks

This was the first entry in my Ach, Ja and Nicht Nicht series, which is basically just a cute way to highlight my current interests.  It spawned several sequels with the exact same format, and will continue to be a reoccurring segment.  In 2009 it will hopefully seem a bit more topical with the release of the Bruno movie.2

4.  The Captain Discusses Modern Rock

Although I’ve been making year-end-best-of-discs for a few years, this was the first time I was actually able to discuss one of these discs.  I thoroughly enjoyed describing what it was I enjoyed about each track, and I also enjoyed including a bit of history behind each track as well as where each one was discovered.  I love a good music conversation, especially when it is one-sided!  I’ve already started writing an entry for Modern Rock 2008 that I will publish in December.  It looks to be a long entry seeing as 2008 will almost certainly be two-discs.

3.  Megan Hacks Into The Captains Blog

Megan really surprised me back in March when she hacked into my blog and wrote an entry.  I guess that what happens when married people share their passwords with each other.  Even though my wife has had plenty of input in this blog and she’s edited a good chunk of them, it was still nice to see what she had to say no matter how ridiculous it may have been.  And yes, she is still giving me crap about a dog.  Here she is at the election party earlier this week trying to tempt me with a puppy.

2.  The Captain Says Bald Is Badass

This was just a short Top 5 list that managed to become the most read entry for the year.  This has very little to do with my great writing or with my bald empowerment stance.  The entries’ popularity is mostly due to the pictures I included of Professor X.  I discovered that I am at the top of the list in Google Images when the search “Professor X Patrick Stewart” is entered.  Thanks for the hits Xavier!

1.  The Captain Does Some Spring Cleaning And Gets Some Work Done On His Face

Random thoughts about networking sites wound up being my favorite entry of the year.  Somehow I channeled my frustration with MySpace into a blog that seemed to resonate with several people.  This was the by far the most feedback I have received regarding an entry.  Even though I do love the sound of my own voice, I really love starting interesting conversations.  This is definitely my goal for year two of The Captain’s Quarters.

Thanks to all my loyal readers and everyone who has supported me.  If anyone has suggestions for year two, please let me know.  Your feedback is always appreciated.


The Captain

1  Well, apparently only on November 7th do I blog about blogging.  The other 364 days I’m solid.

2  At which point I can be a hipster d-bag I claim I’ve been into Bruno for years before it was cool.

Published: Friday, 7 November 2008

The Captain Is A Technology Prostitute

Sometimes I just can’t help myself.  After about a week with our new T Mobile plan, Meg discovered her new phone is a piece of crap.  While my new phone is alrite, I was feeling a little underwhelmed by its performance.  Megs suggested that we add on to her parent’s cell plan so that we can acquire different phones and save a bit of money.

I was initially opposed to the idea of joining their family plan.  Sharing minutes between five people sounds problematic, plus the idea of sending a monthly check to my in-laws is potentially hazardous.  The promise of lowering a monthly bill ultimately swayed me to at least look at joining the family plan.

After approximately two minutes of looking at plans on the AT&T website it hit me:  AT&T has the iPhone. OMG OMG OMFG!

I spent the next two hours falling in love as I read everything I could find about the iPhone.  When I got home I calmly told Meg that I thought changing to her family’s cell plan was a good idea.  Surprised at my sudden reversal, she grilled me a bit and I professed my uncontrollable desire to own an iPhone.

We discussed the pros and cons of the iPhone, which consisted of Megan detailing why the purchase would be fiscally irresponsible and me completely agreeing.  And at the end of the discussion my brain turned to off mode and my emotions unilaterally decided to purchase an iPhone.

In the past I have shied away from embracing new technology too early.  I never wanted to be the guy bitching about his BetaMax player or his useless collection of Laser Discs.  I usually wait until technology has been available for awhile so that the bugs are worked out and the price is closer to my range.  With the iPhone I simply couldn’t help myself.

We went and switched plans on Wednesday nite, and I’ve been constantly fidgeting with my new iPhone since.  I took a brief break last nite to get some busy work done while watching the debate1, but I could barely drag myself away from it.

After two days I am still astonished with my new iPhone, and yet I have barely scratched the surface of its capabilities.  The new 3g iPhone model is everything I’ve ever wanted in a piece of electronics.  And I thought texting would change my life!

Once I get a better grip on what this little electronic bundle of kick-ass can do, I will post a Top 5 list of my favs.  Until then, if you want to get a hold of me I would suggest texting me as I don’t plan to put it down this weekend.


The Captain

1  I use the term “debate” here loosely.  I know that Presidential Debates usually involve the candidates ducking some questions, but Sarah Palin has turned it into an art form.  Her ability to avoid answering direct questions by changing the topic is simply breathtaking.

The Captains Summer Has Finally Ended

The last two years have felt like one endless summer in many ways.  Moving to Florida in the summer and moving back in the spring was a great way to skip a couple of winters.  And while I am excited for the cooler weather that Autumn brings, I am going to miss the heat.

The temperatures were unseasonably warm on Saturday and Sunday, up over 90 degrees.  Knowing that this past weekend would pretty much be my last chance to deelite in the heat for the next six months, I decided to enjoy my favorite activities in all their sweaty glory.

Friday nite I went bar hopping with my lovely friends Steph and Jen from HW.

We ran into my sister at Llyweylns and knocked back a few together.  She acted quite reasonable despite her massive alcohol consumption.

Saturday was a fantastic day to spend outside.  Megs and I took the Metro to Forest Park for the Wine Festival.  Wine tasting outside is a blast, especially when neither of us has to drive home.

We found out one of our favorite wines, 7 Deadly Zins, has a sister wine, 7 Heavenly Chards.  They are both quite tasty; I highly recommend both.

Sunday was an extraordinary ending to my endless summer; I spent the afternoon at the last Cardinals game of the season with my family.  To me summer has always been defined by sweating in the stands at Busch Stadium.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for one last game.  Plus I got to catch up with mom and laugh at my brothers.  My younger brothers are both in their awkward teen years, and nothing says awkward teen like a pair of goofy hats.1

The Cardinals put on a show for the fans, putting up 11 runs in the first three innings.  Even though the Redbirds didn’t make the playoffs, they were still a blast to watch this year.

On Monday cooler weather ushered in the beginning of Fall and the close of my Endless Summer.  And while I’m eager for light jackets and jeans weather again, I’m also a bit sad to pack away the shorts and sandals.  Goodbye for now.


The Captain

1  Actually, I guess my Rams hat is pretty goofy now considering how their season has progressed.

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