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The Captains Summer Has Finally Ended

The last two years have felt like one endless summer in many ways.  Moving to Florida in the summer and moving back in the spring was a great way to skip a couple of winters.  And while I am excited for the cooler weather that Autumn brings, I am going to miss the heat.

The temperatures were unseasonably warm on Saturday and Sunday, up over 90 degrees.  Knowing that this past weekend would pretty much be my last chance to deelite in the heat for the next six months, I decided to enjoy my favorite activities in all their sweaty glory.

Friday nite I went bar hopping with my lovely friends Steph and Jen from HW.

We ran into my sister at Llyweylns and knocked back a few together.  She acted quite reasonable despite her massive alcohol consumption.

Saturday was a fantastic day to spend outside.  Megs and I took the Metro to Forest Park for the Wine Festival.  Wine tasting outside is a blast, especially when neither of us has to drive home.

We found out one of our favorite wines, 7 Deadly Zins, has a sister wine, 7 Heavenly Chards.  They are both quite tasty; I highly recommend both.

Sunday was an extraordinary ending to my endless summer; I spent the afternoon at the last Cardinals game of the season with my family.  To me summer has always been defined by sweating in the stands at Busch Stadium.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for one last game.  Plus I got to catch up with mom and laugh at my brothers.  My younger brothers are both in their awkward teen years, and nothing says awkward teen like a pair of goofy hats.1

The Cardinals put on a show for the fans, putting up 11 runs in the first three innings.  Even though the Redbirds didn’t make the playoffs, they were still a blast to watch this year.

On Monday cooler weather ushered in the beginning of Fall and the close of my Endless Summer.  And while I’m eager for light jackets and jeans weather again, I’m also a bit sad to pack away the shorts and sandals.  Goodbye for now.


The Captain

1  Actually, I guess my Rams hat is pretty goofy now considering how their season has progressed.

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