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The Captain Is A Technology Prostitute

Sometimes I just can’t help myself.  After about a week with our new T Mobile plan, Meg discovered her new phone is a piece of crap.  While my new phone is alrite, I was feeling a little underwhelmed by its performance.  Megs suggested that we add on to her parent’s cell plan so that we can acquire different phones and save a bit of money.

I was initially opposed to the idea of joining their family plan.  Sharing minutes between five people sounds problematic, plus the idea of sending a monthly check to my in-laws is potentially hazardous.  The promise of lowering a monthly bill ultimately swayed me to at least look at joining the family plan.

After approximately two minutes of looking at plans on the AT&T website it hit me:  AT&T has the iPhone. OMG OMG OMFG!

I spent the next two hours falling in love as I read everything I could find about the iPhone.  When I got home I calmly told Meg that I thought changing to her family’s cell plan was a good idea.  Surprised at my sudden reversal, she grilled me a bit and I professed my uncontrollable desire to own an iPhone.

We discussed the pros and cons of the iPhone, which consisted of Megan detailing why the purchase would be fiscally irresponsible and me completely agreeing.  And at the end of the discussion my brain turned to off mode and my emotions unilaterally decided to purchase an iPhone.

In the past I have shied away from embracing new technology too early.  I never wanted to be the guy bitching about his BetaMax player or his useless collection of Laser Discs.  I usually wait until technology has been available for awhile so that the bugs are worked out and the price is closer to my range.  With the iPhone I simply couldn’t help myself.

We went and switched plans on Wednesday nite, and I’ve been constantly fidgeting with my new iPhone since.  I took a brief break last nite to get some busy work done while watching the debate1, but I could barely drag myself away from it.

After two days I am still astonished with my new iPhone, and yet I have barely scratched the surface of its capabilities.  The new 3g iPhone model is everything I’ve ever wanted in a piece of electronics.  And I thought texting would change my life!

Once I get a better grip on what this little electronic bundle of kick-ass can do, I will post a Top 5 list of my favs.  Until then, if you want to get a hold of me I would suggest texting me as I don’t plan to put it down this weekend.


The Captain

1  I use the term “debate” here loosely.  I know that Presidential Debates usually involve the candidates ducking some questions, but Sarah Palin has turned it into an art form.  Her ability to avoid answering direct questions by changing the topic is simply breathtaking.

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