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The Captains Quarters Is One Year Old

One year ago I made the jump here to The Captain’s Quarters and what a great first year it has been.  I’ve had a respectable 17,500 hits in the first year, and have managed to average almost one reply per entry.  Every month I continue to attract more views; October was my busiest month yet.

So far I have done an excellent job at staying away from the Top 5 unofficial do-not-blog-about-topics:

1.     The act of blogging1

2.      My current emotional state

3.     My job/coworkers

4.     The mundane details of my daily life

5.     My love life

Looking back, I’m quite happy with the shape that this blog has taken.  To celebrate the first year of The Captain’s Quarters, I’ve decided to stick with tradition and create a list.

Top 5 Entries From Year One Of The Captain’s Quarters.

5.  The Captain Gives Thanks

This was the first entry in my Ach, Ja and Nicht Nicht series, which is basically just a cute way to highlight my current interests.  It spawned several sequels with the exact same format, and will continue to be a reoccurring segment.  In 2009 it will hopefully seem a bit more topical with the release of the Bruno movie.2

4.  The Captain Discusses Modern Rock

Although I’ve been making year-end-best-of-discs for a few years, this was the first time I was actually able to discuss one of these discs.  I thoroughly enjoyed describing what it was I enjoyed about each track, and I also enjoyed including a bit of history behind each track as well as where each one was discovered.  I love a good music conversation, especially when it is one-sided!  I’ve already started writing an entry for Modern Rock 2008 that I will publish in December.  It looks to be a long entry seeing as 2008 will almost certainly be two-discs.

3.  Megan Hacks Into The Captains Blog

Megan really surprised me back in March when she hacked into my blog and wrote an entry.  I guess that what happens when married people share their passwords with each other.  Even though my wife has had plenty of input in this blog and she’s edited a good chunk of them, it was still nice to see what she had to say no matter how ridiculous it may have been.  And yes, she is still giving me crap about a dog.  Here she is at the election party earlier this week trying to tempt me with a puppy.

2.  The Captain Says Bald Is Badass

This was just a short Top 5 list that managed to become the most read entry for the year.  This has very little to do with my great writing or with my bald empowerment stance.  The entries’ popularity is mostly due to the pictures I included of Professor X.  I discovered that I am at the top of the list in Google Images when the search “Professor X Patrick Stewart” is entered.  Thanks for the hits Xavier!

1.  The Captain Does Some Spring Cleaning And Gets Some Work Done On His Face

Random thoughts about networking sites wound up being my favorite entry of the year.  Somehow I channeled my frustration with MySpace into a blog that seemed to resonate with several people.  This was the by far the most feedback I have received regarding an entry.  Even though I do love the sound of my own voice, I really love starting interesting conversations.  This is definitely my goal for year two of The Captain’s Quarters.

Thanks to all my loyal readers and everyone who has supported me.  If anyone has suggestions for year two, please let me know.  Your feedback is always appreciated.


The Captain

1  Well, apparently only on November 7th do I blog about blogging.  The other 364 days I’m solid.

2  At which point I can be a hipster d-bag I claim I’ve been into Bruno for years before it was cool.

Published: Friday, 7 November 2008
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