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The Captain Pulls Himself Away For A Couple Of Minutes

Predictably, I’ve been messing around with my iPhone nonstop the entire week that I’ve owned it.  Technology should not make me this happy, yet I’m smiling right now just thinking about my sleek little friend.  I was going to write a Top 5 fave features list, but back to back iPhone entries seem a bit compulsive.

Instead, I will focus on the many other wonderful things that have occupied my time recently.1

First and foremost, I’ve been very busy hosting a couple of trivia nites.  That’s right, The Captain is now hosting for Tenacious Trivia!

I’ve always been a big fan of trivia games, whether played on a board at home or out at a bar.  Several months ago my sister introduced me to group called Tenacious Trivia that hosts trivia nites at numerous bars around St. Louis.  The games that I attended were always memorable for having a unique format, great pop culture questions, and witty hosts.

In August I discovered that Tenacious Trivia was looking for new hosts, and I decided to audition.  Hosting seemed to be the perfect combination of two of my favorite things, trivia and talking to a group of drunken strangers.  The audition went great2 and soon enough I was behind the mike reading questions.

The group of guys that runs Tenacious Trivia are real cool cats, and so far I’ve really enjoyed the hosting gig.  Right now I’m hosting two games; one on Sunday nites at The Stable and another at Stella Blues on Tuesday nites.  I encourage everyone reading this to check out one of the games I host.  They start at 8pm, last about an hour and a half, are free to play, have fabulous prizes, and are fun fun fun!
And also check out Tenacious Trivia, you can click on the tab with a link on the sidebar, or check out the myspace page or the facebook page .

Besides hosting trivia the following things have kept me busy, in no particular order:

I finally finished Steven King’s hella-good and hella-long new book, Duma Key.  In the book he actually takes time to build characters and subplots into the narrative before he brings the horror element into the story.  Just like the good old days!  Not only is it the best thing he’s written in quite a while, almost the entire book takes place in my former home of Sarasota, Florida.  King is a notable snowbird that winters in Sarasota and hence there are lots of local Sarasota references sprinkled in the book.  Good job Steve!

Speaking of good jobs, how about those Phillies and Rays!

While I’m a diehard Cardinals fan, I’ve also been rooting for the Philadelphia Phillies since I was a little kid.  My uncles took me to a few Phillies games when I would visit in the summers, and they’ve been my back-up team since.  I saw the Phils both times they were in St. Louis this year, and almost got heckled out of the stadium the first time for wearing a Phillies shirt.  After 15 years of not winning a single play-off game, the Phils are one series away from heading to the championship round.

Also one series away are the Tampa Bay Rays, my new favorite team.  I went to a couple of Rays’ games over the past two years when I lived in Florida, but mostly to boo the visiting Yankees or Red Sox.  However, after seeing the Rays play it was hard not to cheer for the scrappy young team.

Now they both have a chance to play in the World Series, an event that would make my grandmother’s head explode.  She lived most of her life in Philly before moving to Tampa, and now she is a diehard fan of both.  Here we are together at a game a couple of years ago.  In fact, I think this picture pretty much sums up my feelings on baseball:  Go Phils, Go Ray, and Go Cards!

I’ve also kept busy planning some upcoming parties.  Meg and I are busy searching for Halloween costumes, but still haven’t decided on a good couple’s costume.  I wanted to go as Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife, but Meg wouldn’t have it.

I also thought it would be funny if I dressed as Daniel Plainfield and Megan wore a milkshake costume, but she also shot that one down.

Right now, I think we might go as polygamists, but we’re still kicking around ideas.

Also, I’ve started planning a big party for December 5thAs I mentioned last year , December 5th is the 75th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition.  And what better reason to get together and celebrate than the re-legalization of alcohol!   I will post more details on the party as the date moves closer.  For now, set that Friday aside for some major celebrating.

Finally, other people’s babies have been keeping me busy.  So many people I know are either trying to get pregnant, already pregnant, or new parents.  Most recently, my childhood friend Casey just had a boy , Meg’s friend Kim got knocked up, and my cousin Christina just had her baby shower.

These babies are going to start taking over the world!  Congratulations to all the new mothers and the soon-to-be-new mothers out there.  Good luck!


The Captain

1  I purposely left out any mention of the Presidential election.  While I’ve been very engaged in the entire process thus far, writing about it would be very draining and time consuming.  If you’re interested, ask me and I’ll let you know all about it.

2  Nailed it!

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