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The Captain Gots The Haps On The Apps

Now that I’ve proven that I can write about other things besides the iPhone, I feel I have earned the right to gush about the iPhone.  Compulsive, I know.  Just humor me so I can hopefully get it out of my system.

Top 5 favorite features on the iPhone 3G

5.  Porting pictures and contacts over from my PC.

Getting a new phone usually involve the extremely tedious process of transferring phone numbers.  Killing an hour with phone button pushing sucks.  With the iPhone, I imported all of my phone numbers from Outlook in less than five minutes.  This also makes it very easy to maintain.

The added bonus with phone numbers is the iPhone’s ability to import photos.  Now I can assign a good picture taken on a real camera for incoming calls.

Of course I took this opportunity to use the funniest old pictures of my friends I could find.  For example, here’s what I see now when my buddies Dave and Timmy call me.

4.  QWERTY keyboard

Typing or texting using a number-pad sucks; full keyboards are the way to go.

3.  Google Maps

Having a built in GPS is awesome, but a GPS that uses Google Maps is the best.1

2.  Video iPod

I’ve had the same old-ass 3rd generation iPod for a number of years now, so I’ve never really experienced all of the advances that the iPod has made.  It’s kick-ass.  Of course I now enjoy being able to watch my favorite videos with Dwight and Stanley

But I really enjoy now being able to see the album cover from the song that is playing.  It’s a simple thing that makes listening to music so much more engaging.

1.  Third-party applications

By far the coolest thing about the iPhone is that the developers opened up the creative process.  Much like video games, Apple created the iPhone as a system and left most of the extras to other.  While the iPhone comes with some basic programs, most of the cool ones are available for download from third-parties.

This gives all the nerds and would-be entrepreneurs of the world a chance to come up with come crazy-cool stuff.  I’ve already downloaded applications that turn the iPod into a flashlight, a pedometer, a pair of dice, a koi pong, and even a lightsaber.  And I have applications that allow one-touch access to Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, and Wikipedia.  There are many more applications to download, which should keep me in love with my iPhone for quite a long time.


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