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The Captain Is No Longer A Newlywed

So I’ve been too busy to write a blog the last week-and-a-half, but I can assure you that it is not iPhone related.  Where oh where has the Captain been?  Well for starters, Megan and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary!

October 13th marked one year of the married life, and I couldn’t be happier.  We celebrated the occasion like an old married couple; lots of relaxing around the loft and going out for a ginormous dinner.

With so much happening over the last year, it felt very appropriate to celebrate the occasion in a low key manor.  We watched some video footage, looked at pictures and reminisced about the good times in Fort Myers.  Our wedding was probably the most fun I’ve ever had, and it felt wonderful to celebrate such an amazing event with my wife.

Once again we would like to thank everyone who made the trip down to Florida last year to help us celebrate.  We felt truly blessed to have so many of our family and friends attend.  And thank goodness we picked 2007 as the wedding year.  Let’s just say that holding the event in October 2008 might have changed the attendance a bit…

No wedding anniversary would be complete without a portrait to commemorate the occasion.  We went to the absolute best place for portrait, a mall kiosk.  This sums it up perfectly.


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