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The Captain Puts On His Rally Cap

Ok, my wedding anniversary is not the only reason I’ve been absent from the blog.  Where oh where else has the Captain been?  Well, on Saturday I spent the day here.
Megan and I attended the Obama Rally at the Arch this weekend.  Can you see me; I’m about twenty rows back.  I’m next to the crazy chanting lady…

My buddy Bill came downtown to join us for the event.  We walked about 25 blocks from our loft and ran into this

The line into the rally started at Market Street and snaked down for a good mile-and-a-half.  There were people everywhere!  We had to stand in line while waiting to enter the arch grounds, but it was actually rather amusing.  There were numerous people selling Obama buttons, shirts, bobbleheads, signs and even the Obama action figure.

We arrived at the security gates just in time to miss entry into the front rows.

This actually worked out well for us; we were allowed to run down the hill to the front of the first barricade.  This gave us a great view of the stage, and gave us an amazing view of the crowd.  In case you were wondering, here is what 100,000 Missouri Obama supporters look like.

All of the state’s Democrats were in attendance, including Mayor Francis Slay, Senator Claire McCaskill, and candidate-for-Governor Jay Nixon1.

The event was smoothly run and very punctual.  Obama took the stage at five past noon to thunderous applause.  Even though he mostly stuck to his stump speech it still electrified the huge crowd.  No matter what you think of his politics, there is no denying the man is a great public speaker.  Obama spoke for about fifty minutes, but it wound up clocking in around an hour due to the random crowd chants.

Overall, I had a great time and felt very encouraged.  I’ve never seen a Presidential candidate speak, so it was a real treat for me.  I really enjoyed seeing so many fellow Missourians take part in the political process.  This is truly a historic election, and witnessing a part of it first hand is something that will always stay with me.


The Captain

1  Jay Nixon has the worst/craziest stump speech ever.  He advocated using several illegal methods to increase voter turnout, and I’m only half sure that he was kidding.

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