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The Captain Speculates On Getting Lost Again

So the first trailer for the upcoming season of Lost debuted last week.  Here it is:

If Lost is not your thing, I would suggest skipping this post as I am about to nerd it up vanishing-island-style.

There are several things that seem apparent about Season Five after viewing this trailer.  As such, allow me to nerd this up properly:

Top 5 things the Season Five trailer suggests

1.  They intend to return to the Hurley numbers story.  The beginning of the trailer refers to 108 Days spent on the island.  108 is the sum of 4+8+15+16+23+42.  There is no way this is a coincidence.

2.  The show will answer the traveling-island questions.  The trailer seems to point towards the island traveling backwards in time.  One of the quick shots shows Juliette uncovering the original hatch from Season One.  Later we see Daniel at the back entrance to the original hatch.  He is being held at gunpoint by a man in a yellow hazmat suit, the type that Desmond wore during his time in the Hatch.

3.  John Locke’s destiny will be revealed.  This is supported by the brief shot in the trailer of Locke holding a compass.  This was the same compass that Richard laid out in front of a young Locke when he was asked to pick the objects that belonged to him.  Since we know he will die, I would imagine they will bring all of the Locke strands together.

4.  The Oceanic Six snap out of their post-island funk and get back to kicking ass.  We see that Jack shaves off his mourning beard, Kate packs a gun and grabs Aaron, and Hurley grabs a gun punches a dude!  Go team!

5.  Season Five is going to be awesome!  With tons of questions still to answer and plenty of time to develop the story, I’m expecting a big payoff for 4 seasons of loyalty.   Plus it is scheduled to start airing uninterrupted in January or February and there is no impending writers strike to shorten the season.  That’s 17 back-to-back episodes!  I can’t wait!  Only three more months!


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