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The Captain Is Back On A Winning Streak

Flashback to four years ago.

It’s late October 2004.  I’m in the middle of my first semester of grad school.  Meg and I are a hot new couple.  The Cardinals are in the World Series for the first time in 15 years.  Kerry looks better in all three Presidential debates and his poll numbers look pretty good with just two weeks to go.  I’m feeling cautiously optimistic.  Within the span of two weeks, my optimism turns to bitterness.  I believe it looked something like this.

Of the two teams competing from Boston, the wrong team won.  The Cardinals were decisively defeated in a World Series sweep by the $135 million “underdog” Red Sox.  Bush barely beat Kerry by a total of 34 Electoral College votes.  And to add insult to injury, Megan cheated on me with Clay Aiken.1

That was a personally a very difficult Autumn for me.  Looking back, I was able to move past these defeats by saying to myself “well, it can’t get any worse.”  Turns out I was kinda right and kinda wrong.

The world is definitely in worse shape four years later, but I’m doing much better.  While the world was dealing with Katrina, the Iraq War and the financial meltdown, I was busy graduating, moving to Florida, driving a boat and getting married.

It’s four years later and I’m finally back on a winning streak.  The team and the candidate I was rooting for both won in a blowout.  So let me take this opportunity to congratulate them both.

First, congratulations to Barack Obama.  He ran an extremely effective campaign and I think he will be a great president.

Second, congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies.  They have a great group of players on the roster and were truly dominant in the postseason.

All this winning called for some serious celebration.  Meg and I spent Tuesday nite with Timmy and Julia at an election winefest.  There was lots of champagne,

lots of wine,

and lots of celebrating.

Luckily I planned ahead and took the next day off, because we were up cheering into the early morning.

Last week I celebrated the Phillies win by calling everyone on my dad’s side of the family to gab about the team.  I even called my grandma to console her about the Tampa Bay loss, even thought she was really rooting for both teams.

I found out from my uncle Paul that my cousin Mike who visited back in August actually got a ticket to one of the World Series games in Philly.  Mike and his girlfriend are real diehard fans.  So much so that she bought a Cardinals shirt just to deface it for the game.

It was great to bond with my uncles about baseball again like I did when I was a kid, back when the Cards and the Phils were still good teams.  And even though I was happy to root for the Phillies, I let them know who I expect to win in 2009.

And speaking of winners, congrats to Bill for his winning Halloween costume.

That clever devil went as the lady that lied about getting punch by an Obama supporter.  If you’re wondering what my costume is, Meg and I went as suicidal stock brokers.2

Those two losses four years ago were pretty tough to take, but they make these couple of wins so much sweeter.  Once again, congrats to the winners.


The Captain

1  One of these statements is factually incorrect.  I’ll let you be the judge.

2  Completely random side note:  So Meg and I wore nooses around our necks to capture the suicidal look.  The day before Halloween I was racking my brain trying to figure out where I could shop to buy two nooses.  After about an hour of contemplation I realized that I am an idiot and went to the hardware store to buy rope.  I guess you can’t win all the time.

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