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The Captain Has Been Demoted

That’s right, I’ve officially been demoted.  For the next month I will be referred to as “Petty Officer.”  I have lost my rank.

My demotion started out as a friendly rivalry.  A while back I decided to trash talk a bit about my Grand Theft Auto IV skills .  My buddy Chris decided to put me in my place by decimating me during GTA online play.  This was quite embarrassing, and managed to awaken my usually dormant competitive side.

I enacted my revenge at my surprise birthday party .  A healthy competition developed between Chris and I that evening that resulted in me besting him and his wife at bowling.  Being the level headed fellow that I am, I seized the opportunity to talk more trash about my superior skills.  This apparently brought out Chris’ competitive side.

We squared off again a couple of weeks ago, this time around the poker table.  While I certainly am not an expert at poker, I usually do well enough as not to embarrass myself.

My strategy that nite was simple; get the whole table drunk and then capitalize on their mistakes.

Needless to say, this plan backfired.1

The rivalry culminated this past weekend back at Flamingo Bowl. This time around, Chris was throwing rocks and I couldn’t pick-up a spare to save my life.  He bested me by 30 points and made it look easy.

Before the game we made a friendly wager involving this blog.  Had he lost, he would have had to submit a letter praising the superior skills of the Captain and his Quarters.  Unfortunately, he was victorious.2

So as per the terms of the wager, for the next month all of my online monikers will be changed from Captain to Petty Officer.  Chris was even nice enough to provide me with a demoted email address .

While I may be bested for the time being, remember this:  Revenge is petty, and I am now an Officer.


The Petty Officer

1  While Chris wasn’t the big winner, I was definitely the big loser.

2  Even though Meg and I trounced Chris and Jen at Cranium a few hours later, bowling was the only victory that ultimately mattered.

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