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The Petty Officer Is Bogged Down By The Holidays

I forgot how ultra-busy December can be in St. Louis.  I guess spending my last two Christmases in Florida really spoiled me.  The holidays have eaten all of my spare time and left none for The Quarters.  But Christmas time will soon be over and with it the Captain will return to regular updates.  Next week the Captain will present his year in review.  Until then, have an overjoyous Christmas!


The Petty Officer

The Petty Officer Calls For A Celebration

As I mentioned last year , today is Repeal Day!  December 5th, 2008 is the 75th anniversary of the passing of the Twenty-First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution , which fully repealed the  Eighteenth amendment.  That means that 75 years ago today, Americans could legally drink alcohol for the first time in 15 years!  Americans of course did the only sensible thing to mark the occasion; they took to the streets in huge crowds and proceeded to get smashed in public.1 It’s the one thing everyone can agree on!

Last year I had planned on throwing a party to celebrate the occasion, but unforeseen circumstances have prevented me from hosting said party.   However, I will still be celebrating the occasion.  Furthermore, I strongly suggest that you celebrate your Constitutional right to consume alcohol at your nearest/favorite drinking establishment.  Please join me in raising a glass to celebrate raising a glass.


The Petty Officer

1  Even though alcohol had been outlawed for almost fifteen years, somehow there was magically enough booze to go around the day prohibition was lifted.  Curious…

The Petty Officer Announces A Contest

Last year around this time I wrote asking you my loyal readers for input on my yearly Niks Piks disc .  Several people left me comments with great suggestions and Modern Rock 2007 turned out fantastic as a result.

This year I have expanded my yearly best of into a double disc set, and once again I need your help.  There is one song I am looking to replace and I would love to hear some of your suggestions.  What was the best song in Modern Rock this year or what was your favorite Modern Rock song?  What song needs to be included in Niks Piks 2008?

This year I have decided to provide a little incentive to help keep the suggestions rolling in.  I currently have 43 different songs on Modern Rock 2008.  Whoever suggests the song that I deem worthy of the 44th and final place on Niks Piks will win a prize. So, what’s the prize?  The winner will receive a special bonus disc of Niks Piks custom made for the listener.  I make a pretty good mix disc, mind you, so it should be worth your while.

Any entries that are already included in the other 43 tracks will not count towards the winning selection.  However, anyone who makes a suggestion is qualified to receive a complementary copy of the finished Modern Rock 2008 disc set.  So everyone is a winner!

The contest will close on Friday, December 12 2008.  Until then, send me your suggestions and may the best song win!


The Petty Officer

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