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The Captain Sails To The Windy City

Ahoy from Chicago! I’m in town all this week for work, and what great timing.  Winter in Chicago.  It’s friggin freezing here!  For reals!  It’s so cold that every time I try and smile for a picture I end up with angry cold face.

As you can see, I decided to try out the camera on my iPhone this trip, and it’s actually worked well thus far.1

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since I traveled on business.  I decided to start the trip out yesterday like I always used to, Airport Drinks.

This put me in the perfect mood to make some new friends on the airplane.   Tanisha, the little girl sitting next to me, was the cutest most well behaved kid I’ve ever seen on a plane.

How often does anyone say that?!? Not only did she smile the whole time, she actually got into a cute-off with the little boy in the seat in front of her.

They kept poking each other in the nose and saying “Nose?” for about five minutes.  And after each time they would giggle.  Seriously, best flight ever.

And then there was Chicago.  I landed to snow flurries and the wonderment that is rush-hour in Chi-town.  Even though I am used to riding the Metrolink, I was still unprepared for hoping on the EL.

Train riders in Chicago are some determined folks.  And it was even worse once I got off the train.  See, the last time I was in Chicago was August and it was about 100°.  Yesterday it was about 10° with a wind chill of 1°. Still, I managed to make it to the Renaissance without too much hassle.

I turned in early last nite so I would be nice and refreshed for my class today. A sure sign that I am getting old is that I actually enjoyed my governmental budgeting class today.  What can I say, I love my job.

Now I’m totally kickin’ it 2003 style; I’m alone in a hotel room checking email with a tasty beverage.


The Captain

1  Translation:  You the reader are about to be subjected to a bunch of pictures I took.

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