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The Captain Is Ready To Spring Forward

I was all tuned up to write this entry yesterday, but I figured that anything I posted on April 1st would be met with a healthy level of skepticism.  So my beginning of the month update got pushed back to today.

After an extraordinarily busy March I am ready to get back in the swing of things in April.  I’m mega glad that March is finally over; it’s one of my least favorite months.  This year my March in St. Louis was mostly comprised of pretenders, i.e. people pretending to be Irish, pretending to give a shit about college basketball, pretending fifty degree weather is spring-like, etc.

Now that April is upon us I am ready to come out of hibernation.  And there is plenty of fun stuff to keep me busy:  the beginning of the Cardinals’ season, my 5th anniversary with Meg, Flight of the Conchords at the Fox, finalizing the details on purchasing a new house…but more on that later on in the month.

For now, updates.  Last weekend Megs and I hit the town married-folks style.  We did the amazing Hacienda happy hour, the amazing Bottleworks game tables and watched the amazing Bob Loblaw’s two-second-bra-removal trick.

We also took my grandma out to see a variety show put on by Megan’s office and had a surprisingly good time.  In response to the decent weather yesterday, after work Megs and I packed a picnic dinner and a bottle of wine and enjoyed the sunset down on the Arch grounds.

And speaking of updates, you may have noticed that I decided to give Twitter a try.  I see it as a one stop shop for distributing my random thoughts to multiple sources.  Now I can type whatever nonsense I want onto the Twitterrific app on my iPhone and it will send this drivel to my Facebook status update and right here to the Quarters.  Thanks to technology it’s even easier to share the Captain’s insight with whomever it is that I imagine reading my blog.1

So yeah, April looks to be a much livelier month than the past few.  And after this long Winter2 I’m ready to finally be active again.


The Captain

1  I like to picture my readership comprised mostly of remorseful ex-girlfriends and super intelligent chimpanzees.  In reality it’s most likely bored people at work and my mom.

2  Everyone in town has told me that it has been a relatively light Winter.  My thin Florida skin felt otherwise.

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