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The Captain Politely Asks WTF?



It snowed on my way to work on Monday.  April 6.  Opening day of the Cardinals season.



And that wasn’t my only WTF moment this weekend.  On Saturday nite, Megs and I went next door to the Tap Room with her best-friend Maggie and her husband Darren for a couple of beers.  After a few pints I ran into an old friend of mine, local music all-star Kevin Buckley.  We chatted it up for a minute at which time he mentioned that a few people he knows would be stopping by in a bit to play some music.

I didn’t think much of it until about an hour later.  That’s when I noticed a rush of folks who started piling into the bar carrying musical instrument cases.  Numerous violins began appearing, along with several flutes, a few banjos, a couple of accordions, and even a bagpipe!

Eventually I remembered hearing about some sort of Irish festival that was taking place over the weekend and I put two and two together.

People kept piling in every hour till eventually there were like 75 assorted musicians scattered throughout the bar.  Small little groups started playing impromptu little jigs until eventually the whole bar became a collection of Irish hoedowns.  Here’s Kevin leading a jig right next to our table.

The music was quite enjoyable and the experience quickly went from being a bit surreal to highly entertaining.  The whole thing was rather strange, but I guess one never really expects an Irish hoedown to breakout.  Good times.

And now back to the rather ominous snowy start to the Cardinals season.  I would be lying if I claimed that I was 100% behind the team the Cardinals is fielding this year.  There are more potential problems going into this season than I care to ponder.  The Redbirds will need several things to go right if they plan on contending this year.

But I’m a firm believer that the first day of baseball season should be about hope, so I will keep things positive.  Assuming the pitching staff stays healthy, I think the team has a great rotation this year.  I like that after years of paying lip-service to the idea, the Cardinals are finally relying more on home grown talent from their minor league teams.  And I think that the added spotlight on St. Louis from the All Star Game will make the team more determined to succeed.

And while I’m staying positive, I’m glad that I have tickets for tomorrow’s game instead of this afternoon’s game.  Good call D!  And good luck Cardinals.  Bring home another trophy so we can pose for another sweet-ass pic like this!


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