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The Captain Puts It In Perspective

Yesterday was about perfect for celebrating five years with Meg.  Spring weather FINALLY came to St. Louis and everyone seemed in a good mood thanks to multiple Earth Day celebrations.

Megs and I enjoyed lots of delicious Italian cuisine and had a fun time reminiscing over our five years together. Plus it was finally warm enough for some ice cream!

This got me thinking about just how significant five years really is comparatively.  There are many things in my life that had a profound impact on who I am today, and yet most of them actually lasted less than five years.  So in that vein, a here’s a fun little list:

Top 5 Significant Things In My Life That Lasted Shorter Than My Relationship With Megan

1.  High School:  August 1992 – May 1996

At the peak of my teen years, high school seemed like it was taking forever.  In reality, it was only a little over 3½ years long.  Even now when I picture Hazelwood West it sounds much longer in my head.

2.  Boy Scouts: August 1989 – April 1994

I joined the Boy Scouts in sixth grade and stuck it out until my freshmen year of high school.  I managed to get my Eagle Scout by the fall of 1993, which was rather quick by BSA standards.  Afterwards I promptly lost most of my interest in the organization; I became rather preoccupied with my high school’s theater program and also with high school girls.  I eventually quit by the end of my freshmen year after 4½ years.

3.  College: August 1996 – May 2001

This is actually quite surprising to me.  Considering that I wound up taking an extra year to graduate from Missouri State, I was still only down in Springfield for a little over 4½ years.  Even though I tend to live my life hard and fast back then, it still feels like much longer than it actually was.

4.  Any Lease I’ve Signed:  June 2002 – June 2004

Since I moved out of my mother’s house the longest I’ve lived in one place was for two years.  And even during my two years living in University City, I spent a good amount of 2003 traveling the country for my job at the time.

I did some quick math and discovered that I’ve signed 10 leases in the past 12 years, putting my average stay at 1.2 years.  Apparently I must like moving?!?

5.  Every Other Relationship I’ve Ever Had, Combined:  1990 – 2004

My first girlfriend was in junior high and my last girlfriend is now my wife.  In between that time I managed to date several ladies, but always for relatively short periods of time.  Prior to Megan my longest relationship had only lasted one year; most tended to last anywhere from three to nine months.

Even if I estimate on the high side, the combined time would still only be around four years.  What can I say?  I guess I was just waiting for the right one!


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