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The Captain Pillages His Former Ship

So it recently occurred to me that it’s been over a month since I logged on to MySpace.  Curious to see what I had missed, I headed over to MySpace and was surprised by what I found.  The entire website, from its banners to its users, is now completely composed of youth-oriented advertising.

Granted, advertising on MySpace is nothing new.  Last May I posted an entry here at the Quarters lamenting the rise in advertising on MySpace.  I declared that I would be jumping ship over to Facebook for the foreseeable future.  At the time I was upset with what I saw as an oversaturation of promotional material.  HA!

Since then almost all of my “friends” from MySpace made the jump to Facebook.  It now seems that the only “friends” I have on MySpace that are still active are the ones who are promoting something.1

It’s laughable what MySpace has become over the past year.  It reminds me of walking though a dead mall.  Lots of hollowed out store fronts and overabundant advertising from the few folks left hanging around.

MySpace has nothing left to offer me.  As such, I made the decision to abandon ship.  However, jumping off of this ship proved to be something of a problem; there was one thing I didn’t want to leave behind.  MySpace was the home of the precursor to the Captains Quarters.

I began blogging on MySpace three years ago this month, and I managed to post 34 entries before jumping ships to the Captains Quarters.  I rather enjoyed some of the entries I posted on MySpace, and felt it would be a shame to completely abandon my early attempts at blogging.

I decided to solve this problem in true Captain fashion:  Plundering!

I’ve been busy the last few days copying all of my blogs from MySpace and reformatting them for inclusion into the Captains Quarters.  I did not include everything that was housed on MySpace; I instead decided to chose a starting point and proceed from there.

The pillaged blogs begin in December 2006.   This is when I declared that 2007 would officially be The Year Of The Captain.  This seemed like the most logical choice, since this is when I started my first steps towards actually becoming a Captain.

The rest of the plundered blogs chronicle nine months worth of various topics such as wedding preparation, learning to Captain a boat, getting back in shape, travels, and whatever else was on my mind.  I hadn’t read most of these blog in quite some time, and I found it highly entertaining to revisit this exciting time in my life.  While I was still struggling to find the right style and tempo to my writing back then2, I am still proud of these blogs on the whole.

I added a total of 25 pillaged blogs to the Captains Quarters.  Feel free to check them out if you like.  Granted, I doubt most of my readers will feel the need to check out this plundered booty, but I wanted to make it available just the same.

With my sacking of MySpace complete, I will now officially set sail for bluer waters.  I’m not going to cancel the account anytime in the near future, just in case one of the remaining stragglers wants to contact me.  But for all intents and purposes, MySpace, this is goodbye.  Let’s not make this awkward, ok?


The Captain

1  This mainly consists of two groups of users.  First, every local musician in the St. Louis area.  Second, the St. Louis Roller Derby Girls and their never ending stream of announcements.  You have officially advertised us to DEATH; find a new advertising medium for chrissake.

2  My biggest writing sin back then was the curse of the recap.  Since I was living far away from most of my friends at the time, I tended to write replays of my previous week’s activities.  Luckily I eventually managed to steer away from recaps and focus more on my thoughts and feelings.

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