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The Captain Found Some Things Worth Mentioning

After my busy little vacation to Florida, I was looking forward to coming home and enjoying a little R&R.  Well, that didn’t happen.  Here’s some updates on what’s been keeping me busy:

Adding recent pictures to my Flickr account

I posted all of the pics from my Florida trip, as well as the pics from my winery trip last weekend.  As you may have noticed from my frequent Twitter updates, Megs and I went on a six(!) winery daytrip last Saturday for Preppy Dave’s Thirtieth Birthday.

This fantastic occasion brought old friends in town from all over, including Tall Tom, Jeff the Red, and Lt. Dan!  Even Maria-who-married-and-then-divorced-my-crazy—former-roommate-Dr.-Dan made it out for the festivities.  It was a long day chocked full of laughter and wine, and a great way to celebrate for Dave.  Cheers!

Live At The Levee Acts Announced

Normally this free concert series down by the Arch has the kind of butt rock/has-beens that you would expect, but this year they actually managed to land a couple of good acts.  Guster is playing July 31st.  Not really my thing, but still a decent band.  Lupe Fiasco will be here on August 1st, which is pretty sweet.  But the big news is Sonic Youth is playing July 17th!  For free!

After being off of my radar for several years, they really impressed me with their 2006 return to pop-smarts album Rather Ripped.  They are set to release another album in a few months that has already generated some good buzz.  I’m definitely going to the show, and anyone interested should hit me up.

My Age Is Starting To Catch Up To Me

I’m not sure how I did it, but I managed to throw out my lower back in Florida.  Pretty much as soon as I landed back in St. Louis I’ve been in some kind of pain.  I assumed that it eventually would work itself out and I’d be fine in a couple of days.  Well, it’s been a week and it’s still incredibly painful to stretch my back in certain ways.  I actually have an appointment with a Chiropractor tomorrow for the first time in my life.  Hello Thirties!

FOUND Magazine Reading

Megs and I went out last nite to catch a very entertaining read from Davy of FOUND Magazine.  Those of you not familiar with FOUND should check out the magazine’s website.  Funniness all over the place. I’ve read them off and on over the past few years, but this was the first time I was able to catch one of their live shows and it did not disappoint.

The show was relatively short, very reasonably priced (only $5!) and incredibly humorous.  Megs and I ran into our recently married friends Jon and Emily, plus we got a chance to check out the very hip Mad Art Gallery.  It was the maximum amount of fun allowable for a Wednesday nite when I have to work early on Thursday morning.  Well done FOUND!


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