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The Captain Enjoys His Unexpected Day Off

For a Monday morning that started off shitty, it sure did end with a bang!  After walking through a torrential downpour, I was greeted by this sight at work this morning:

Apparently the storm knocked out the power to my building and managed to start a fire in the boiler room.  Several Twitter updates later and I was headed home for the day.  Left at 7 a.m. and back by 9 a.m., not a bad day of work.  As such, this seems like the perfect opportunity to update The Captain’s Quarters.

First up, Meg and I bought a house!  Seriously!  We signed the final papers yesterday!

We found a new development in the Creve Coeur area that we fell in love with immediately.  Actually, it’s kind of a funny story.  Back in January when there was some speculation that President Obama was going to unveil a First Time Homebuyers Credit, Meg’s and I decided to start an aggressive savings plan with the hopes of buying a home this year.

Around March when the details of the tax credit were announced, Megs and I crunched the numbers1 and discovered we would be able to purchase a home in 2009.

The wife and I are big fans of new construction, so we decided to search St. Louis County for any new complexes.  We were only able to find one development in our price range, but it was in a killer location.  New villas are being constructed across the street from the south entrance to Creve Coeur Park, which seemed too good to be true.

As cliché’ as it sounds, these villas were the first placed we looked at and we fell in love immediately.  We spent the rest of March looking at other homes, but it only reinforced our desire for this location.  Plus, the company building these villas was running a killer special in March which was too good to ignore.

On the last day of March we began the proceedings for building a unit for ourselves, a process that ended yesterday.2 I’ve been waiting until everything is finalized to discuss this but now it’s official!  The name of the development is Mill Ridge Villas.

Construction begins in July, and our home will be finished around Halloween this year.  Meg and I are beside ourselves we’re so excited.  Looks like the Year of Stability just kicked it up a notch!  So expect several more updates on the home purchasing process in the near future.

My other excitement from the weekend was my adventures in scanning from Saturday nite.  I spent a couple hours on Saturday nite using my in-laws scanner to digitize some great old pictures.  I managed to scan about 100 pictures, and I plan to use the rest of the month to disperse them.  I plan to upload three pics-a-day to Facebook and Flickr as follows:  1 pic of me circa 1991-2007, 1 pic of friends from high-school, and 1 pic of friends from college and beyond.  Check these sites for daily updates, or check back at the end of the month for a Super Pic Recap!

Well, I’ve got a whole afternoon to myself which I will be using to completely reorganize my iTunes library.  Plus, the Cardinals are playing a rare afternoon game on a Monday.  Seriously, Best Monday Ever!!!


The Captain

1  Seeing as my official job title is “Budget Analyst” I had better damn well be able to come up with a personal budget to figure out if we can afford buying a home.

2.  I handed them the largest check I’ve ever been responsible for yesterday and it felt fantastic.  Dolla dolla bills y’all!

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