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The Captain Is On The Cutting Edge Of Technology

Most of my life I’ve avoided purchasing major electronics.  The purchases I did make tended to be of the “last year’s model” variety.  I’ve always held onto the philosophy of waiting till “next year” to buy my electronics, because “next year” they will be cheaper and better.  For the most part this is true for any electronics, be it televisions, stereos or appliances.

Last year was the first time in my life I’ve ever strayed from this philosophy.  Instead of putting it off, I decided to make “next year” be 2008.  Mostly out of sheer nerd-lust, I bought a Playstation 3 and an iPhone.  I fell in love with both of them immediately; they had a tremendously positive effect on my 2008.

Now that it’s “next year” I’m finally seeing the downside that I was anticipating.  This was most strongly felt this past week when I was reading a review of the newest iPhone that was released on Friday.  For the same price I paid last year, I could have an iPhone with double the storage capacity, a video recorder, and a better camera.

Is there anything wrong with the iPhone I own?  Of course not, I still love him.  Do I need any of these new bells and whistles?  Absolutely not.  Do I wanna rush out this afternoon and buy the new iPhone?  You bet your ass I do.

But besides the iPhone, this electronics dilemma has been weighing on my mind quite a bit lately.  Later this year I will be purchasing three major appliances, which is three more than my previous record of zero.  Meg and I need to obtain a refrigerator, washer, and dryer for our new house.

We started looking at appliances last month to get ideas; it was a bit overwhelming at first.  So many styles, so many brands.  Perhaps the biggest difficulty is the projected life span of these purchases.  I’ve never bought a singular item that was supposed to last me longer than a decade.  Now I’m buying three.

Since our rich Uncle Obama is chipping in eight grand towards our new home purchase, we are looking at newer technology appliances.  I’m a bit embarrassed about my excitement while shopping for a front load washer and a double French door fridge.  It’s so rad!

While I love the thrill of new technology, I’m trying to stay mindful of avoiding the “latest and greatest” trap.  But on the other hand, damn that new iPhone looks awesome…


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